Police Can’t Keep Squatters Out of a Hollywood Mansion


Officers with the Los Angeles Police Department responded to a mansion in Hollywood Hills West on Thursday after receiving calls of “unknown trouble” and neighbors hearing the screams of a woman coming from inside the residence, authorities announced.

They found a group of squatters, two women and a man, in the abandoned and trashed mansion at 1754 Sunset Plaza Drive.

“It’s an abandoned house,” an LAPD officer said. “They’re just trespassing, squatting. The screaming was somebody; I think they got bit by a dog.”

They were released when they said it was a misunderstanding.

“I was hired to clean up, take the squatters out, get the house ready for lease or for sale,” one of the women said.

However, the real estate agent for the home, who did not want to appear on camera, said that none of the three people on the property were supposed to be there.

The $10 million mansion is littered with debris and feces, covered in graffiti.

Those squatters are gone, but more will come, and others have been there.

It’s not the first time police have responded to this Hollywood Hills West home.

In Jan. 2022, a 41-year-old man barricaded himself inside the home with a dog after allegedly pointing a shotgun at someone. The man was only taken into custody after an hours-long standoff.

If the home is cleaned, it will still be worth $10 million.



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