Polish PM to Mr. Zelensky: “Never Insult Poles Again!”


Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told Volodymyr Zelensky to never “insult Poles again” after the Ukrainian president suggested Poland was stirring up trouble over a dispute between the two countries regarding grain exports.

Mr. Zelensky is even alienating the Poles, who have been big supporters.

Zelensky criticized Poland during the United Nations General Assembly this week after several EU countries suspended bans put on Ukrainian grain earlier this year, while Poland joined Hungary and Slovakia in keeping bans in place.

Farmers resorted to bans because they were worried about being undercut by low Ukrainian grain prices. Ukraine has filed lawsuits against countries continuing the bans.

Morawiecki responded to Zelensky’s comments on Friday at a rally in Poland.

“I want to tell President Zelensky never to insult Poles again, as he did recently during his speech at the UN,” he said.

“The Polish people will never allow this to happen, and defending the good name of Poland is not only my duty and honor but also the most important task of the Polish government,” the prime minister added.

Zelensky’s a globalist puppet unfit for the position he is in.  Oh, wait, I forgot, we’re supposed to believe he’s George Washington or Winston Churchill.





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