Political Insider Says Prigozhin’s ‘Coup’ “Shattered the Russian State”


If you’re not tired of Putin and the coup discussion, there is another article you might be interested in that takes a different look at the ‘coup’ than we saw from Col. MacGregor.  The author is anonymous and claims he or she is a political insider.

The Bismarck Cables’ author on substack agrees that the ‘coup’ was not a coup, but an attempted coup. He states that this shook Russia to its very core.

“Regardless how this eventually ends (and we should certainly assume that the drama is far from over – even if Prigozhin had ordered his troops to withdraw from their march, and even if some strange (and in the long-term, almost certainly unsustainable) deal was struck between him and Putin), this is a monumental historic event – one that shattered the Russian state to its very (turns out shallow) core.”

He believes Prigozhin’s “only goal was to maximize his own power and diminish those of his adversaries.”

The author makes a convincing case for the political nature of the event and emphatically states it was not a psyop. On the latter point, MacGregor would agree.

The piece has an excellent timeline of Prigozhin’s antics leading up to the attempted coup. There were many times Putin should have acted and didn’t, in the author’s opinion.

Putin with Wagner Group chief Prigozhin, who prefers cooking to war.

Excerpt from the article:

  • In that very post, we also emphasized the unpalatable dilemmas faced by Putin: punish Wagner and risk losing this valuable tool, or do nothing and appear weak and not in control: incentivizing Prigozhin to push for more and his own security apparatus leaders to hedge their bets/coalition build as alternative ways of protecting their skin.
  • Putin refused to punish them back in early May – these cables have emphasized how complacent this was from Putin: if an autocrat is not seen as being in charge, then he truly is not – as simple as that.
  • Earlier in June, the Ministry of Defense (Shoygu) decided that enough was enough and that it was time to bring Wagner back into the fold.
  • The Defense Ministry proposed to establish new military contracts for all private military companies to come under direct supervision and control – this was a necessary but exceptionally belated move.
  • Putin hesitated for days, without making a clear decision.
  • He finally endorsed the plan only weeks ago – in fact, only in last week’s cables we labeled Putin as a “reluctant administrator”.
  • Days later, Prigozhin claimed to have been attacked by the helicopters sent by the Defense Ministry.

Prigozhin has accused the military of attacking him several times. The author says Putin should have seen this coming and acted. Putin “has grown exceptionally complacent and actually rather weak,” the author says.

“Ultrapatriots have already started to attack Putin,” and he must act fast. That means the liquidation of Prigozhin, something Prigozhin surely knows. The author thinks he might “make another comeback.”

The 30,000 plus Prigozhin loyalists will affect manpower if they go to Belarus. If they become part of the army, morale will be affected. [Editor’s note: Putin has another 300,000 joining the fight and can conscript a million, but the author says the best fighting was by The Wagner Group. The army is chaotic.]

The author says Prigozhin already destroyed the predicate for the war.

It’s all good news for Ukraine. The “longer the war lasts, the more strain is imposed on his regime.” You can read the entire rationale on this link.

I translated some of the articles in Ria Novosti, and the propaganda to damage Prigozhin had already begun. They’re calling him a thief, among other unsavory things. That’s one way the Kremlin plans to diminish Prigozhin. Putin gave a speech today, again saying he wanted to avoid bloodshed.

What do you think? Did this shatter Russia to its very core, or is it wishful thinking? I don’t know who the author is, but it sounds like someone who is all in on toppling Putin. Be careful what you wish for.



  1. There was a video of the supposed attack on Wagner and it was an obvious scam. There wasn’t any sign of an attack, but only two small fires that resembled a campfire. A person would have seen some type of crater and visual evidence of explosive residue.

  2. Given the massive interference in our media by US intel propaganda, the anonymous source, and rhetoric such as “shake to the core”, I assume this is US intel propaganda.

  3. It is hard to tell who is telling the truth


    in the last few years almost everything we have been told about Russia or Putin were lies from the western Main Stream Media.

    Also we know that Ukraine is one of the most corrupt nations, and that Democrats launder their illegally acquired money there…it would explain why the second this conflict started the both Media and Democrats were instantly pro-Ukraine, even Soros was instantly pro Ukraine…

    It is not so much that they care about the people of Ukraine , it is more that they care about keeping the very lucrative scam going ( at least that is what it looks like )

    When democrats, the MSM and Soros agree on something, it is rarely a good thing.

    and it seems every time we are told negative news about Putin, we later learn it was not true or not as bad as we were told it was.

    I am not saying Putin is a good guy, I actually don t know, but I know Democrats and their media are pure evil, I repeat ; pure evil,

    and they have told so many lies about Putin and Russia that now everytime I hear bad things about Putin, I react the same way that I do about negative news about Trump; that negative news is almost always the opposite of the truth.

    for the last 7 years almost everything the democrats and their media have told us about Trump was the opposite of reality…they seem to be doing the same with Putin.

    It does not make him a good guy, but I know he is certainly not as bad or as weak or as defeated as we are told he is.

    It sad what is happening to Ukrainians, but my empathy, my compassion for them does not make me blind to the fact that very evil people are sending Billions of $ to Ukraine not for Ukraine or its people but for an ulterior motive,
    and the MSM are lying about that conflict to help those evil people.

    That Prigozhin guy seems to be some kind of clown, a different type of clown than Zelensky but still a clown.

    I trust them about as much as I trust democrats and the MSM… which is less than a I trust a street criminal.

    • A main point is that the west has broadcast so many lies about Russia and the war. Plus the rhetoric is filled with slogans devoid of facts. We see the establishment and NWO acting in unison. We know the USA instigated this war with neutrality violations, a coup, and money operations.

      The West and Ukraine are the shaken ones. Ukraine lots its air force. Russia acquired and secured the intended territories. Ukraine has had major infrastructure damage. The US has spent more than the entire Russian military budget.

      The US intel propaganda machine is everywhere, and it will continue to put out stories. That machine is a vital part of the corruption operations.


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