Politico Claims Trump Co-Defendants Are Jumping Ship


A Politico article claims that some of Donald Trump’s co-defendants and allies are throwing him under the bus. They say that lawyers for people in Trump’s orbit are saying those charged are seeking to portray themselves as his pawn.

The article wasted paragraphs quoting congenital liar Michael Cohen. He was Trump’s lawyer but nothing he says bears repeating.

The article authors, Kyle Cheney and Josh Gerstein mentioned an information technology aide at Mar-a-Lago who dramatically changed his story about alleged efforts to erase surveillance video and agreed to cooperate with special counsel Jack Smith. The aide was threatened with charges of perjury. The aide, Yuscil Taveras flipped and was not charged in the case

At this point I’d like to throw in the fact that Trump ‘s driver Walt Nauta was threatened with criminal charges unless he testified against Donald Trump. His attorney, Stanley Woodward, reported that the agent threatened charges. He also suggested he – the lawyer – would get his promotion to a judgeship if Nauta’s testimony changed. Nauta did not turn on Trump and he was charged.


The article points to former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows who is also charged in the Georgia case. Politico reports that during a hearing in Atlanta, a defense attorney for Meadows called attention to Trump’s prominent role in what is certain to be a crucial element of prosecutors’ case there: the Jan. 2, 2021, phone call.

In that call, Donald Trump is portrayed as asking Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, a Republican, to “find” enough votes to declare Trump the winner. Mr. Trump did not ask Raffensberger to find illegal votes os “he could stay in power,” as is often falsely suggested in the media.

Jonathan Turley dealt with the call on his blog:

The call was misrepresented by the Post, and the transcript later showed that Trump was not simply demanding that votes be added to the count but rather asking for another recount or continued investigation. ..

Raffensperger described the call in the same terms. He correctly described the call as “extraordinary” in a president personally seeking such an investigation, particularly after the completion of the earlier recount. That is manifestly true. However, he also acknowledged that this was a “settlement negotiation.”

Meadows arranged that pivotal call. But after prosecutors played audio of the call in the courtroom, an attorney for Meadows emphasized that his client’s part in the actual discussion was both more minor and less provocative than Trump’s.

[The truth is his role was almost non-existent. Why should he say otherwise? There was nothing wrong with the call other than President Trump was aggressive because he felt the election was corrupt, and it was.]


“There’s a lot of statements by Mr. Trump. Mr. Meadows’ speaking roles were quite limited,” Meadows’ lawyer, Michael Francisco, observed as he cross-examined Raffensperger, who was called to testify by prosecutors.

“He didn’t make a request that you change the vote totals — Mr. Meadows, himself?” Francisco continued.

“Correct,” Raffensperger replied.

Meadows made clear in his own testimony at last week’s hearing that Trump viewed the alternate electors as a significant part of his strategy to find the illegalities in the election. So what?

[Politico and the rest of the media call the electors “false electors,” but in actuality they were alternates in case President Trump prevailed in court. Leftist Politico makes it seem as if Donald Trump wanted to remain in power in the way a dictator would. The truth is that Mr. Trump felt the election was illegitimate and illegal. He was trying to find the evidence that he felt existed.]

Mark Meadows at CPAC in 2020

In testimony about the electors, Meadows feared Mr. Trump’s wrath.

“What I didn’t want to happen was for the campaign to prevail in court action and not have this” lined up, Meadows said.

“Why?” prosecutor Anna Cross asked him.

“Because I knew I’d be yelled at by the president of the United States,” he said.


The media strategy here and in other articles is to make it seem as if all of Donald Trump’s allies are abandoning him. They are allegedly leaving him to suffer the most serious penalty alone. We don’t know if that’s true. However, it’s certainly Jack Smith’s strategy. Democrats want to send as many of Donald Trump’s allies to prison for long terms as they possibly can.

People are getting misinformation. They really think that President Trump launched an insurrection. I was in a diner this morning and one lady was ranting about the insurrection. She was frantic at the thought that all these insurrectionists will be released if Donald Trump gets back into office. This is what people believe. You can thank the media. There was no insurrection. J6 protesters or rioters were overcharged and over sentenced to make it seem so.



  1. More and more it is clear that the Democrats and their allies fear the wrath of Trump, but instead doing things to mitigate that supposed wrath, they do things to exasperate it. Falsely accused, harassed at almost every turn, it would be hard to find any human being that would not, with a legitimate gripe, seek to counter-attack with a desire to seek those perpetrating criminal activities against him punished under constitutional law.

    Another side of the coin is the fact that Trump does not act as they think he should, say for instance, “yelling” at another person. None of them should ever seek to play professional sport at a high level for most of those coaches yell a lot.

    But loudly expressing frustration or anger is not a crime, even if it could be proven a majority don’t like “yelling”.

    The clown show is no longer funny. It is disgusting and it is destructive to a sound nation,

  2. If I had a nickel for each story about Trump associates turning on him.

    I doubt the Mar a Lago aide completely shifted his story. I hear this over and over with no details.

    Meadows could do lots of damage by lying, I doubt he will, but if threatened with prison, it is possible.


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