Pope Calls for Open Borders Throughout the Western World


Pope Francis challenged European leaders to open their ports to migrants. Francis went on to claim that the continent is not facing a migration “emergency.”

The Associated Press [Pravda] reported that Francis does not believe there is a migrant crisis happening in Europe but that there is a long-term reality that governments around the world have to deal with in a humane way. He suggested that all European countries should offer a legal path to citizenship.

Macron is tightening up a bit because elections are next year, and the right wing in that country has been vocal about stopping the massive immigration.

Pope Francis is calling for the destruction of the West. He previously said he wasn’t calling for open borders and he isn’t a communist. No one should listen to him.

AP Reports:

For a second straight day in the French port city of Marseille, Francis took aim at European countries that have used “alarmist propaganda” to justify closing their doors to migrants and tried to shame them into responding with charity instead. He called for migrants to have legal pathways to citizenship and for the Mediterranean Sea that so many cross to reach Europe to be a beacon of hope, not a graveyard of desperation.

The Mediterranean, Francis told Macron and a gathering of regional bishops, “cries out for justice, with its shores that on the one hand exude affluence, consumerism and waste, while on the other there is poverty and instability.”


“May we let ourselves be moved by the stories of so many of our unfortunate brothers and sisters who have the right both to emigrate and not to emigrate and not become closed in indifference,” Francis said. “In the face of the terrible scourge of the exploitation of human beings, the solution is not to reject but to ensure, according to the possibilities of each, an ample number of legal and regular entrances.”


“Those who risk their lives at sea do not invade; they look for welcome, for life,” he said. “As for the emergency, the phenomenon of migration is not so much a short-term urgency, always good for fueling alarmist propaganda, but a reality of our times.”

France has fairly open borders, but that isn’t good enough for the communist Pope.

“It is a very beautiful opportunity for us,” said Francky Domingo, who is part of a Marseille-based association representing migrants seeking official identification documents. “We really want the pope to be our spokesperson to the politicians because the European policy on migration is very, very repressive for us migrants.”

I am Catholic, but I don’t like this Pope. He’s not rendering unto Caesar that which is Caesars’s.



  1. What is it with this pope ? why does he think he has any right to spout off about climate change when he can’t even run the Catholic church?This old bastard is a communist he is trying his best to destroy the Catholic faith and he may get it done .He is not a priest he is the face of the devil and what he wants to do is change the Church so much that it will not last.

  2. I’m sure he means open borders throughout the western world except the Vatican. Little p is again exposing himself as trying to destroy western civilization and pushing for a one world government.


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