Pray for California! ‘Hurricane’ Hilary Is Dumping Rain


A potential hurricane headed for Southern California for the first time since 1939 when 65 mph winds made land. According to the LA Times, the winds are a steady 39mph and it’s a tropical storm over San Diego as of noon PT.  It rained. It looks like it will move inland through Nevada.

According to The Weather Channel, Southern California had .35″ of rain in the last six hours and expects .12″ in the next 24 hours.

It is a nothing burger, and our media is trying to terrorize people as usual. They look like buffoons. The real hurricane is the other Hillary, the Clinton Hillary.

They’ve been alerting us to this for days, trying to scare everyone. By the way, there is NO evidence Tropical Storm Hilary is tied to climate change. It’s the weather. People should be careful, of course, but hysteria is unwarranted.

Wow, raging, oh, wait…

It’s raining in California. Pray for them.

This is funny.

I used to surf. This is fun. Wipeouts are fun.

Is this the real hurricane?



  1. Just purchased Angus Beef Rib Eye from Walmart prepared same as always; it tasted weird, couldn’t help but wonder after trashing it. Many states attempted to pass legislation that would force beef sellers to label the country it was produced in – of course in Texas RINOs wouldn’t allow that.


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