Prediction of Terror Attacks in the USA and EU


Russian President Putin is sympathetic to the Palestinian cause and blames the US Middle East policies for the problems between Israel and Gaza. I hope Progressive Democrats and the bureaucrats in the DC swamp are happy to know they are on the same side as Putin.

We reported about the speeches this morning from Hamas leaders who are very proud of the Saturday massacre in southern Israel. Khalid Marshal called for jihad throughout the world, and particularly Israel, on Friday the 13th and before and after that date.

We have a lot of people in this country now who agree with these demons. We’ve seen them out on the streets praising the horrific slaughter of Jews, chanting, “Glory to the murders.”

Brother Rachid thinks there will be terror attacks in the US and Europe. That is a logical guess. We can thank the scum in DC, especially the White House, for opening our borders and letting single military-age men come in from countries that hate us.

Arm up, America. Politicians have made your country far more dangerous. They’ve made the world far more dangerous. They lost their sense of what is right.



  1. Israel has basically disarmed her citizens except for those currently in the military and a few elites. That’s why Hamas was able to kick down doors and slaughter the Israeli civilians so easily.

    Here in ID the pervasive attitude is that this is ‘Merica where everyone is armed to the teeth and we double-dog dare you to try that in a small town. Aloha Snackbar THIS MF’rs.

  2. It’s estimated the Obiden Junta is responsible for the funding of Iran’s terror machine to the tune of $60 billion in the past 30 months. And  allowing Iran to fully fund its proxy terrorist groups such as Hamas and Hezbollah. In addition the Obiden Junta left behind in the hands of the Taliban billions of dollars worth of advanced weaponry. Billions of the aid sent to Ukraine has been diverted as well.  Billions in payments, including the $6 billion,  will not be stopped. It’s probably already been delivered. 
    Let me explain why. It’s a payment toward stealing the 2024 elections and staying in power. The only way the organized crime syndicate masquerading as the Democratic Party can retain power is through massive election fraud, and the easiest, simplest method is the mail-in voting machine they developed for the 2020 election. This requires  another shutdown, another panic, another reason to compel mail-in voting. Instead of a fake pandemic, they will start a war. Among the millions of illegals are tens of thousands of military age young men from the Middle East. They are Hamas, Hezbullas, Isis, Taliban fighters. They will be armed by groups associated with BLM and ANTIFA, and communists that have been placed throughout  US military and law enforcement, and released on US targets creating a massive death, chaos and destruction designed to cause  panic. Attacks will be carried out in nightclubs, concerts, sports events, schools, churches and synagogues,  malls, grocery stores, and any myriad number of targets of opportunity. They will be designed to sow indescribable destruction, horror and panic. The response will be massive. Public gatherings will be banned and once again mail-in voting will be demanded as a “national security measure.”  The War Powers Act invoked, massive censorship imposed and a whole host of incredible powers the crime syndicate

  3. What? Tell us how Putin is weaponizing the conflict, when the USA has sent billions in arms to both sides?

    Rachid is sabre rattling just like Hamas. They would LOVE to pull the USA and Europe into this conflict. If we have terror attacks, look at them very carefully, because we have seen our government involved in many of them.

    When do progressive democrats oppose massive spending to Israel ($4 billion a year for decades) or leaving billions in arms in Afghanistan and Irq?


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