President Zelensky Moves Christmas on Russian Orthodox Church


Ukraine President Zelensky, promoted as a defender of democracy, is accused of unfairly imprisoning critics and other opponents. He has thrown priests in prison, including the head of the Orthodox church.

On Friday, he signed a law moving the official Christmas Day holiday to Dec. 25 from Jan. 7, the day when the Russian Orthodox Church observes it. The Russian Orthodox Church vows to keep to the date.

According to the note attached to the law, the goal is to “abandon the Russian heritage,” including that of “imposing the celebration of Christmas” on Jan. 7. It cited Ukrainians’ “relentless, successful struggle for their identity” and “the desire of all Ukrainians to live their lives with their own traditions, holidays,” fueled by Russia’s 17-month-old aggression against the country.

Zelensky would be better off considering negotiations and how he could save Ukrainian lives.

This is a totalitarian move. It’s not done in democracies without a vote by the people or representatives. He rules like a dictator.

He’s not what he pretends to be.
Last December, Zelensky shut down an entire Orthodox sect.

Mr.r Zelensky claimed that an Orthodox church and some organizations had undermined support for Ukraine in its war against Russia, so he had to shut them down. He claimed that the move is necessary to prevent Russia from being able to “weaken Ukraine from within.”

He did it unilaterally. Some saw it as arbitrary.

This is the same reason he used to put political opponents in prison, shut down newspapers, put their journalists in jail, and eliminate all political parties but his own until the war ends.

He also seized five major Ukrainian companies. Mr. Zelensky was angry with the owner of two of them.



  1. This is a war between the Yiddish and the Russian Orthodox. It’s been that way for centuries in the “Pale of Settlement”. The U.S. should get out.

  2. So a guy who believes that Jesus was an evil sorcerer burning in hell, moves his birthday? What is next? Is Israel’s chief rabbi appointing the next pope?

  3. Never coddle your enemies. The Russian Orthodox Church in Ukraine is run by treacherous Quislngs and not some besieged faith based group. Nothing more than enemies of freedom loving peoples.

    • So your saying Russians dont want freedom? They’d prefer to live under a Banderite Neo-Nazi regime that NATO and western nations have chosen for them?


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