Prof. Turley’s Troubling Warning of Nations That Censor Truth


George Washington Professor Jonathan Turley told host Martha McCallum on Friday that the battle over government censorship of social media is “the clarion call of every nation that has engaged in censorship” that people need to be protected from “harmful” views and ideas and pointed to the government pressing for restrictions on true statements.

“[T]his is the clarion call of every nation that has engaged in censorship,” he said. “They always say that they’re protecting citizens from harmful thoughts, harmful ideas, harmful viewpoints, that this is all for the good because you shouldn’t hear these views. That’s always been the case.

“But what’s really distressing is when you read the Twitter Files, and you read the evidence that we have seen come out recently, the government was even censoring what they call malinformation. This is stuff that is true that the government says is being used for a misleading purpose. Try that hat on for a second. They’re saying that if you say something true, but the government believes it’s misleading in the way you said it, they also were targeting you for censorship.”

He’s referring to Missouri v. Biden. Biden fought an injunction by Federal Judge Doughty and won for now. He’s determined to continue censorship by proxy.

Turley also discussed the forced language of pronouns and the problem of youth wanting to imprison people who misgender.



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