Proof That the Bribery of AG Paxton Never Happened


The impeachment trial of Ken Paxton gets more ridiculous each day. The hearsay accusations are being disproven one by one. So far, the prosecutors don’t have any evidence. The prosecutor brought this case with no evidence.

Mr. Paxton’s attorney destroys every so-called witness they have.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s personal assistant, Drew Wicker, alleged that Texas donor Nate Paul funded a kitchen remodel for Paxton for political influence.

During cross-examination, Drew Wicker admitted the kitchen remodel never took place.

Paxton’s attorney, Tony Buzbee, showed Drew Wicker pictures of the kitchen taken three years ago and some taken last month.  There was never any remodeling work completed, which is the central point of the alleged bribery.

As X user, Kambree said, “Unless the fix is in, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s trial should be ruled not guilty. Over the last seven days, none of the whistleblowers presented evidence of a crime.”

These ruthless establishment politicians smeared Mr. Paxton over gossip.

No evidence.

Donald Trump weighed in, saying they tried to undo the election.



  1. The Bush family convinced DeSantis to run so than when Trump was taken down, DeSantis would be the logical Republican nominee. The Bush family are New Worl Order, Administrative Deep State operatives. People like Paxton and Trump are a direct threat to the power of the Deep State bacause they won’t sell their souls.

  2. The Bush family is a disgrace to Texas and the country. Here again they are losing because the courts and the people see right through their lies.

  3. The Bush family should be ashamed. Their associates should be thrown out of office at the next opportunity.
    Accusations without evidence and a judge willing to try political ‘crimes’ is the mark of the Third World dictatorships.

  4. Of course we need not prove Paxton’s clear innocence. Most GOP senators cannot risk voting to convict (frame) him. It would be hurting themselves. I don’t think the Bush family or anyone else has the power to coerce them into political suicide.

  5. This is great reporting. There has been action in the chamber.

    So what caused this incredible frame operation? It’s not due to a feud with the speaker. What causes so many house members of both parties to vote to impeach when there is no evidence? The answer has to include incredible corruption. The GOP has been infiltrated by the corrupt left just like so many other US institutions.

    This trial is about raw power. They know they cannot win in the courtroom. Their only hope to convict Paxton is to bribe/coerce enough GOP senators to vote to convict. The fallout for that is to lose seats, and lose the legislature. Are we corrupt enough for a conservative party in a conservative state to frame a decent conservative in clear view and then lose the next election?


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