Racist Apple’s Entrepreneur Training Camps Exclude Men, Whites


Apple will host specialized entrepreneur training camps that bars applicants based on their race and sex.

To participate, organizations must have “black, Hispanic/Latinx, or Indigenous” members in both leadership and on staff.

The program will include two cohorts in October and November, the “underrepresented founders” and “female founders” groups.

The camps, which offer valuable resources such as “one-on-one code-level guidance from Apple engineers,” list eligibility requirements that exclude would-be participants on the basis of their race and sex, reports Daily Wire.

How many times does this have to go to court? Race and sex discrimination are banned under US law.

New York City, NY, USA – October 14, 2015: Apple store. Apple won numerous architectural awards for store design, particularly for this store on 5th Ave in Midtown, Manhattan, whose glass cube was designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson

This is what they have posted on their site:

We believe apps for everyone should be made by everyone.

Research shows that founders from underrepresented communities face unique challenges, especially when starting and leading technology companies. We created Apple Entrepreneur Camp with the goal of supporting these founders and their organizations as they build the next generation of cutting-edge apps and to form a global network that encourages the pipeline and longevity of underrepresented founders and developers in technology.

Entrepreneur Camp offers cohorts for founders and developers who are female*, Black, Hispanic/Latinx, or Indigenous and have app-driven businesses with one of the following:

    • An existing app on the App Store
    • A functional beta build in TestFlight
    • An app in an equivalent state

The Camp experience begins with an immersive technology lab, where you’ll receive one-on-one code-level guidance from Apple experts and engineers to help you improve your app, as well as mentorship, inspiration, and insights from top Apple leaders. After the lab concludes, you’ll get ongoing support and become part of a growing community of other exceptional alumni who can help you build your business.

Their female training requires the company to have females in the top positions.

Apple’s “female founders program” stipulates that in order to be eligible, applicants must have “a female founder, cofounder, or CEO” as well as “a female developer.”

The program description has an asterisk next to “female.” The asterisk at the bottom says, “Apple believes that gender expression is a fundamental right. We welcome all women to apply to this program.”

In other words, men can attend if they pretend they’re women.

Daily Wire has exposed a number of these anti-American efforts.



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