Radicals Hunt Down French Police, Burn & Loot Cities


The Islamists are not only terrorizing French cities and the people. They are looting and attacking police, whether off or on duty. Meanwhile, check out the moron French woman at the end, begging police not to arrest the rioters. Appeasement doesn’t work.

Geert Wilders wrote on Twitter, “Islamic governments and mullahs are outraged by the burning of a Quran in Sweden, but they are totally silent and indifferent about the burning of France by the people who share their violent ideology. Hypocrites.”

France doesn’t need just the police. They need the army.

Sadly, France is no longer France. The same thing is happening here.

More videos here and here.

Amy Mek

Islamic Rioters are Hunting Police in France; They Issued a Death Threat in a Startling New Video: ‘Allahu Akbar – We Are Muslims, We Have The Right to Kill You…..It’s over for all of you, cops.

The Muslims used Quranic principles as incitement to murder. This is what an actual insurrection looks like!

I can not post the video on Twitter; a French journalist was already forced to delete it.

France is going to extreme lengths to obfuscate the true gravity of these riots and the menacing threats from Islamic migrants.

Tens of thousands of brave officers are putting their lives on the line to protect the people of France. However, instead of providing unwavering support, the government is aiding in censoring the very real threats they face.

The question remains: why would they choose to obscure the dangers that law enforcement officers and citizens confront daily? Watch the video here that has been translated into English:

The radicals have guns and now a fuel truck. It is a war. Macron better wake up and stop going to concerts.

An older French woman pleads with police not to arrest rioting Islamists in Lyon. They are angry that a criminal teen was shot and killed by a police officer, who is now charged with murder.

She’s on her knees, begging them while crying. This is the mind of the neo-liberal at work. This woman would rather see France burn. The France we knew is gone. It’s over. They won’t deport the crazies, so it’s over.

They’re chanting “Allahu Akbar.” It’s jihad.



  1. France did this to itself. It allowed massive immigration with cultural destabilization. It does not use nearly the amount of force needed to stop the riots.

  2. What the heck did you think when G.W. to barry were destroying the Middle East/North Africa, creating “refugees???”, mainly male military aged, and directing them north to Europe and transporting/resettling them , on YOUR dime, strategically across North America??? Petro $ were well used to bribe the low life politicians…they ALSO created, armed and abetted ISIS/ISIL to weed out the “infidels” in the “refugee stream”…

  3. I do not have a Twitter acount so unfortunately none of the videos will play.

    Maybe it is because Twitter had problems Friday ? I usually am allowed to watch videos on Twitter as a visitor.

    Maybe later or tomorrow Twitter will be fixed and I’ll be able to watch them…


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