RAF Wouldn’t Recruit “Useless White Males”


The Royal Air Force (RAF) would not recruit “useless white males.” The goal was to reach their diversity goals.

According to Sky News, the RAF recruiters were told not to select useless white male pilots so they could hit their target. The information came from leaked emails.

The RAF confirmed that 31 individuals had received payments but did not confirm the amount.

Air Chief Marshal Wigston lied and said that well-intentioned efforts to improve diversity did not discriminate against white men, two informed defense sources said.



  1. In a certain way, this is great news. Let other racial groups bear the brunt of sacrifice. White males have been carrying the load for far too long, and when I look around these days, it was all for nothing.

    • Great post! It was white males that did most of the fighting and dying to defend Britain during the existential threat of WW II. If not for these heroes, the RAF would be known as the Luftwaffe today, and their training manuals would be written in German. They would also get to find out what Hitler did with the people he considered “useless.” Luckily for the Brits, a bunch of mostly white men fought to the death to successfully defend the allies. Woke military mandates will embolden the next existential threat.

  2. These recruitment goals should just be for the recruiters and the Air Marshall and not for the actual pilots and air craft maintenance and armaments staff.
    Air Chief Marshall Winston, who lied, must be “canned”, since there is loss of confidence in his leadership due to lying, and beyond that, there are likely disciplinary measures through Courts Marshall, for lying such as fines, loss of pension, and reduction in rank, however if someone is a liar, they should be separated from the service, since there could never be confidence in their leadership due to the potential for deceit.
    If he lied to a ministry charged with supervision of the Armed Forces, he could very well have perjured himself, which may involve the civil courts system in UK.


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