Rep. Boebert Said the FD-1023 Is Damning of Joe Biden


Rep.Lauren Boebert viewed the FD-1023, which allegedly shows Joe Biden is guilty of treasonous bribery. She said it’s very incriminating and the “American people need to see what is in here… The information is so damning…not just to Hunter Biden to Joe Biden… The Big Guy.”

Payments were made to Joe Biden, and it is tied to Burisma. Hunter thought he would be protected by allowing his father to use him as the conduit for the funds.

Joe Biden was given a $5 million payment.

Allegedly, they can’t release the document for the source’s safety. [Is this why we went to war for Ukraine?]

It was Burisma all along.



  1. The Bidens probably have dozens and dozens of bank accounts under different names in many different nations…most of their money is hidden.

    Dumb as they are, they are still some sort of experts in how to commit and hide fraud, they have decades of experience, they have contacts and help from all over the planet.

    What we know of their illegal activity is probably a very tiny part of what they did along the years.

    The Bidens could release their tax papers, it would only show the part they are not hiding from us.

    Kind of like a restaurant that sells drugs, the restaurant tax papers would all be legit showing normal activity, but it does not mean they are not selling millions of dollars of drugs trough the back door.

  2. Boebert is consistently great.

    MTG lost all credibility. She is now just a RINO echo chamber. She supports leftist spending and collusion.

    Boebert wants the document public, MTG just wants to tell us about it.

  3. For Christs sake, we already new this guy was guilty of treason and his family are no better than the mob. When the hell is anything going to happen. I’m so sick of reading these stories everywhere and nothing happens. Wake me when he’s charged.


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