Rep. Chip Roy Tells the Administration “Go Straight to Hell”


Rep. Chip Roy has a message for Joe Biden and his administration for their open borders policies, “The president and this administration can go straight to Hell.”

“[We have] a president who does not care about our southern border. He is allowing it to become completely run by the cartels. And if anybody has not seen the Sound of Freedom, go see it. Go see what’s happening in the world…go see who has the power… go see who is, you know, abusing these young girls [and boys], these young children.

“We’re allowing that to happen on our watch. ‘No more,’ that’s my message.

“Governor Abbott is being sued. Sued by the Department of Homeland Security and by this administration because he dares to try to stop the flow at our border… to stop the death. the fentanyl, stop the poisoning… to stop arming shooters, you know.

“The president and this administration can go straight to Hell. We have a job to do in Congress. With my message to all my Republican colleagues, ‘we are not going to fund the government that’s at war with the people of Texas… we are not going to fund the government is perpetuating the lawlessness, empowering cartels, allowing fentanyl to kill Americans and allow little girls [and boys] to get raped in stash houses in Texas.

“…this is our fight, and I’m tired of Republicans who are giving lip service to it and for years have been supporting it because they want cheap labor. We need to re-control our border. Even Robert F. Kennedy Jr. gets it. …we have an obligation to have a secure border.”


Cartel gunmen pour into the US across out borders.

We are watching the destruction of the United States in real-time. It’s what the hard left wants, and they are winning.



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