Rep. Comer Has More Biden Crime Family Bank Records


Rep. Comer has more bank records that he did not present yet. He has records from China, Ukraine, and Russia, and is getting more daily. There is no question the Biden family is involved in bribery, racketeering, and influence peddling.

“He [Merrick Garland] just stood up and lied to the American people. Merrick Garland has destroyed the reputation of the Justice cabinet. He has destroyed the reputation of justice in America. He needs to go. There’s no way he can defend the indefensible by saying that he’s treated Democrats in the same manner that he’s treated Republicans, specifically the way he treated the President of the United States son.

“What you saw with the IRS whistleblower this week. Every company that they mentioned in their deposition was a company that we had already brought out as a shell company by the Bidens.”

The shell companies were meant to remain hidden, but they found them.


The federal government had records of it in the Treasury. They had records of the Biden money laundering and tax evasion, and did nothing. Then Hunter got a “slap on the wrist for failure to pay millions of dollars in taxes.”

Rep. Comer doesn’t have confidence in Merrick Garland, the US Attorney in Delaware, or Christopher Wray. He couldn’t even get the FD-1023 that shows the Bidens were involved in money laundering and racketeering. They are doing everything they can to block the House Oversight Committee from getting the information on the Biden bribery scheme.

“Let me assure the American people, we have bank records that came in this week that we’re going through. We think they are going to show more wires from more countries. Remember, we just disclosed two countries thus far. We’ve just disclosed China and Romania. There are still some more Chinese wires that we have yet to present from Ukraine and Russia that we’re about to expose. So, this is just beginning for the Bidens.”

With all the obstacles the DOJ and Treasury put in their way, the House Oversight is still getting results daily.

“The President of the United States’ family has received millions and millions of dollars from our adversaries all over the world,” which they can’t explain.

They are selling out America, picking at our bones as they destroy us from within. They don’t care who they let in this country, or how they destroy the economy.

“There is no reasonable doubt that President Biden was an active participant in an unlawful, international influence-peddling scheme.”



  1. I see that Comer has extended his PR campaign to Newsmax, instead of his regular performances on the RINO Channel. He is, demonstrably so, all talk and no action. In that role, he serves as an impediment to justice and to the fate of America. This man is a phony, right in front of you. If you cannot see that then examine yourself. One example is his support for a huge funding increase for DOJ, as he incessantly complains about the DOJ not investigating crimes. Another example is that he has not taken any of the actions he has the authority to take against Wray and Garland. Plus all of the things Comer pretends to expose were known 3 years ago. Comer is in effect a liar.


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