Rep. Jordan Threatens to Cut FBI Funding – Just Do It


Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) threatened to cut the FBI’s funding after FBI whistleblower testimony and Special Counsel John Durham’s report.

Hasn’t the time for threats long passed?The FBI needs to be dismantled, sold off for parts. Dole out necessary divisions and drop the rest. We don’t need a federal police force attacking Americans.

These agencies are way to big, too powerful, and they have too much money for a free nation to survive.

They have funds they use without accountability and govern us with rules and regulations while overstepping their authority.

Their new penchant of forming alliances with corporations is dangerous. The DC-Wall Street coalitions are dangerous. We saw how that worked during the pandemic. If you want freedom, you must downsize government agencies.

You cannot have unelected bureaucrats running around with the power to control your lives with little oversight.

What do you think?




  1. Jordan you put in the most corrupt speaker in history, Kevin McCarthy. He lied about releasing the J6 vids to the public. He took illegal FTX$ to destroy MAGA candidates. He called Ashli Babbitt’s murderer a hero. He attends Schwab’s Nazi World Order. Last week I called his office and the women answering slammed the phone on me when I ‘very politely’ questioned McCarthy giving a blank check to Zelensky. I loved ya Jim but you’re either dumb as hell or you’re in on it.

  2. Mister Jordan get ready to have your home raided by the FBI at 4 in the morning while CNN stands there and videotapes it all.

    It is how the American Stazi now operates.

    If that does not intimidate and stops Jordan, they will find a corrupt judge and a lying woman whom he allegedly raped 25 years ago and they will destroy him.

    If that does not stop Republicans, Jordan will suddenly commit an Epstein type suicide…

    A nice suicide letter will be found by his side.

    The democrat crime syndicate is cornered, and like a cornered animal their viciousness will be one hundred times worse.

    I hope I am wrong about all of the above.

    But I have been following closely, some would say obsessively, US politics for about 20 years, and the Democrat crime syndicate has so far been more psychopathic than I could have ever imagined.

    It seems there is no level too low for them to stoop to.

    It seems there is no crime too horrible for them to not do.

    They will probably throw Trump in prison, treat as badly as the January 6ers, then try to throw Jordan in prison

    they will be more tyrranical until the pressure in the cooker blows the top off and civil unrest is ten thousand times bigger than on january 6.

    How can you vote yourself out of a rigged election ?

    How can you vote out the people who count the votes and throw away the votes for their opponent ?

    The democrat crime syndicate already know they have won the 2024 election.

    What options are left to stop that crime syndicate ?

    • I know I seem quite pessimistic, but since 2016 what has gotten better? in what way are Democrats LESS of a crime syndicate than they were in 2016?

      The FBI raided or arrested or seized cell phone of MORE people not less.

      Two elections have been obviously rigged and hordes of corrupt judges are only too happy to reject evidence of voting fraud.

      Innocent or non violent jan6ers are in prison without trial and are treated as harshly as the crazy sadistic muslim terrorists.

      Every few months someone fabricates new reason to try and throw Trump in prison.

      I could go on with about 20 other examples, but as all those republicans are persecuted, are receiving cruel and unusual sentences,

      the Biden crime family is laughing, in fact rolling on the floor laughing all the way to the bank, despite Hunter’ laptop containing 170 proof of crimes, and banks having over 150 documents showing suspects activity with the Bidens.

      Democrats are above the law while the book is thrown at republicans ( or fake evidence is fabricated against them )

      And it is getting worse everyday.

      Democrats have become the equivalent of Fidel Castro, Saddam Hussein, Stalin and other such tyrants ; if you try to stop them it is you who is arrested, thrown in jail or is destroyed.

      The more evidence you have thay they are guilty the harsher they will punish you and the more cruelly they will destroy you;

      that is why the sentences for Jan6ers are about 20 times too harsh ; to send a message to anyone else who is thinking of trying to stop the Demorcat crime syndicate from stealing elections; you may get 15 years in jail, a dirty jail where guards beat you up.

      Biden can steal boxes of documents, his son can sell or buy drugs, the Bidens can sell national secrets to China in exchange for tens of Millions of dollars, they are protected by people who will trhow you in prison for having evidence of their crimes.

      They raided Matt Taibbi’s home while he was testifying !!!

      WHo is going to arrest the FBI and the DOJ ? are they gonna arrest themselves???

      Democrats have taken the USA to a hair trigger from the precipice…how will this end? we don t know, but either way it will be ugly.

      I sincerely hope I am wrong about my entire comment.

      • And after democrats steal the 2024 election, comments like mine will be blocked, deleted by the minister of Truth…

        they may even ban me from visiting the USA as my harmless comments will cause me to be on a list of potential terrorists.

        We are heading in that direction…unless…something HUGE happens…

        • Friday (R) James Comer asked the FBI for some unclassified documents…

          by Sunday (R)McCarthy was saying he was very confident the FBI will do it

          then we learned that the FBI send Republicans a letter telling them NO

          The DOJ and FBI are not going to arrest themselves for refusing to provide documents.

          So who is gonna make them do it then ?

          What is next ?

          • I just read that the Biden DOJ destroyed all evidence on the Clinton Foundation in 2021.

            They not only closed the file, they destroyed the evidence.

            ” … Hillary Clinton conducted official business on a non government server so she could hide her Clinton Foundation pay-to-play while she was head of the Department of State.

            According to emails obtained by Judicial Watch, Hillary Clinton gave preferential treatment to Clinton Foundation donors while she was Secretary of State.

            In fact Judge Royce Lamberth previously said Clinton’s use of a private emails was “one of the gravest modern offenses to government transparency.” … “

            The crime syndicate is erasing evidence of their crimes and erasing evidence that they are protesting, aiding and abetting criminals.

            Now who will arrest them ?

            How can they be voted out when they also count the votes ?

          • Kevie McRino is paying lip service to the FBlie. He knows full well the FBI won’t comply. How the hell did illegal FTX$ McCarthy get voted back in? Jordan’s got a lot of ‘slaining to do on that one.

  3. In most Countries, if someone threatens to Kill you, you just end their Bloodline. You don’t let them or their children have a chance to make good on the threat.

    In America, people love to make threats. How about just doing what you should do? Don’t threaten to cut FBI Funding. Dissolve the Organization then set up a Special Investigator and a Special Court to Try the people who committed Treason and their Co-conspirators. No one in the Congress short of MTG and Gaetz even seems to be able to say the word Treason.
    Trying to fix and then Fixing a Presidential Election and running a President out of Office with lies and withholding important evidence to seat a “Dictator” in the White House, is the Pinnacle of Treason. I, for one, will not be satisfied until Bodies are Swinging, Heads are Rolling, and there are Brown Outs. Here In Mississippi, there is still my favorite from of execution, the Firing Squad, since it allows for a certain amount of Group Participation. Executions used to be public. With the number of people involved and Pay Per View, we could pay down the National Debt!

  4. Jordan is a little engine who never could, and never would. This is a collegiate wrestling champion who never learned to be a man. He is not taken seriously.

    He is a perfect guest for the Maria (WEF) hype hour to get the gullible viewers tuned in for their latest dose of outrage with false hope.

    There is no plan to defund the DOJ/FBI, that includes no motions or hearings in any committee to do that. McCarthy and the senate RINO gang will oppose it, and block money to anyone who supports it.

    I look forward to Jordan to be the next republican to have a fallen reputation. He and MTG have made incredible blunders supporting McCarthy.

    • Why would they support the MAGA hating McCarthy? Maybe Jordan and MTG thought he would change but it ain’t happening so get him the hell out. If they don’t do that they’re fakes. I called McTraitors office last week and the person answering slammed the phone on me when I mentioned Kevie giving a blank check to Biden’s Ukrainian slush fund.


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