Rep. McCarthy’s Open to Being Speaker Again


Oh no, he’s back. Kevin McCarthy changed his mind, and he’s probably going to try to return as speaker amid the Israel-Hamas war. He hinted on Monday that he’d be open to returning to the speakership.

Oh, goody.

He was asked if he would be a candidate for speaker and he said, “I’m going to allow the conference to do their work, but the one thing I would ask my conference, you have 96% of the conference in one place, and you’re allowing 4% with the Democrats playing politics that now putting in doubt inside this body. That is wrong.”

He also said, “If the House GOP members allow a few individuals that love a camera more than they love the American public, we are not going to govern,” he said.

Obviously, he’s referring to the eight Republicans who are concerned about his frequent lying and his having not achieved much.

Originally, Rep. McCarthy said he would not run for speaker again.

What spurred the removal of McCarthy was him pushing another continuing resolution through until mid-November after having done nothing for months. The eight Republicans would like to see smaller bills that the American people understand as opposed to delaying and then putting up a huge emergency CR tome at the end.

Rep. Gaetz who led the effort to remove Rep. McCarthy, said that McCarthy doesn’t have the votes to be reelected speaker.

Representative Nancy Mace of South Carolina, who voted to oust McCarthy, cited a CBS poll showing that 60% of Americans support McCarthy being removed.



  1. McCarthy’s speech on Monday was awful. It was shown on OAN and Newsmax live. It was an obvious campaign speech. He rambled on and on about the Hamas attack. That is not relevant to the speaker election. He made soft attacks on conservatives. He looked worse than before.

    Conservative republicans are not at all in alliance with the dems, he and his RINO gang are the ones. He produced a CR which just 1 dem voted against but 91 republicans voted against. McCarthys statement is a lie. He is an obvious colluder.

    Bannon reported that McCarthy’s attempt to run again did not work in the private meeting. He has less support than before.


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