Rep. Scalise Is on Path to Become Speaker of the House


Rep. Scalise is on the path to becoming the Speaker. The House Republicans met last night and for two hours this morning before making the decision.

They voted via a secret ballot for whom they will put up on the House floor for a vote, which will come sometime this week.

It comes after former speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted in a vote by eight members of his own party and all House Democrats last week. It marked the first time in history the US House of Representatives voted to remove its own leader.

McCarthy has repeatedly lied to fellow Republicans and has continually passed huge spending bills, despite promises to not do that.

Scalise has been McCarthy’s longtime #2 despite their long rivalry. Jordan, who is allegedly closer to McCarthy, nabbed early support from the Freedom Caucus. He is one of the original co-founders of the caucus.

There have been concerns about making Rep. Scalise the speaker since he is ill with cancer.



  1. Bannon now reports 6 members will not vote for Scalise.

    MTG declared she will vote for Jordan, a much better choice. Boebert too. Miller votes for Jordan. Massey says he needs a specific plan to avoid an omnibus.

    Unless he makes some big promises, Scalise is going to lose. He will have fewer votes than McCarthy.

    My hunch is Gaetz, Rosendale, and Biggs will not vote for Scalise, they have not declared.

    For those not paying attention during the Obama years:

    Scalise = Paul Ryan

    or, you may want to take the Faux News position, ignore Scalise’s history, accept thet we need Scalise as speaker for the stability of massive debt spending and military adventures.

  2. Bannon is giving ongoing developments in the speaker selection. That comes from almost nowhere else, certainly not any cable or satellite channel.

    He says Chip Roy and MTG already stated they will not vote for Scalise. He says there is a bloody fight going on in the party. Doesn’t that mean just 4 more votes and Scalise also loses? Biggs would vote for Scalise? I doubt it.

    Putting up Ryan clone Scalise is unacceptable. The corrupt RINOs hate us, they will not accept the incredible failure of McCarthy. They hate conservatives.

  3. Lou Dobbs insist that Scalise be blocked by the conservatives, I agree.

    People with short memories or never pay attention do not realize what Scalise is.

  4. Scalise is a Paul Ryan follower. Of course, fake conservative sources such as Faux News will cover him glowingly as a conservative. They did the same for Ryan. In standard journalism malpractice, Faux advertised Ryan as a fiscal conservative who looked at and questioned every budgetary item.

    Scalise will do a fake right (get some border funding in the upcoming battle in exchange for much greater Ukraine spending) then make a strong move left. Then the GOP continues its path to lose the house. The uniparty wants Trump to have nothing to support him if he wins in 2024.

    Bannon said neither Scalise nor Jordan made a big pitch for border security in the meeting.

    • It sure is not, but the RINOs bought time for people to figure it out. By the time Scalise badly damages the party, the election will be near and it will be too late to correct.

      I want to know if Scalise agreed to the terms which McCarthy did. We will see very soon, if the spending is separated into 12 pieces as McCarthy promised but then did not do.


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