Report: 20 Million Illegal Crossers, Non-Stop Entries, Day & Night


The Biden administration, including Alejandro Mayorkas, has covertly instituted a plan to ensure a constant non-stop invasion at our ports of entries, in addition to the 170,000 we know about each month and in addition to those who sneak in.

Illegal crossers – invaders -are pouring into the United States nonstop, and they are unvetted. The administration has been lying to you. We will have 20 million by the end of the year.

This first video is at the Tijuana Mexico San Ysidro Port of Entry. The administration is hiding the invasion.

When will Republicans impeach the people behind it or arrest them?


“We’re down here in El Paso, right across from the port of entry, right across the street from this leftist attorneys’ [office] that are providing support for the invasion of our country.” reporter Ben Berquaam reports.

“I just got a call from a Customs and Border Protection buddy of mine. What’s happening right now is in order to make it look like the illegals aren’t coming after Title 42. What they’re doing is taking Border Patrol, they’re coordinating this with somebody on the Mexico side, having Border Patrol go out to places where the cameras aren’t, to pick up illegals, and then they’re bringing them back to the port of entry to have Customs and Border Protection process them, give them their parole slip, and let them go into America.

“Let them walk in as if they came in legally …. It’s all a lie, guys; it’s all a lie. They’re bringing them in illegally; Port officials are picking them up illegally, taking them to the port of entry, having Customs and Border Protection cross them as if they came in legally, and giving them a parole slip, which they’re not supposed to do. And then sending them into the country, making it look like they came in legally. It’s all the fraud. They know it.



They are all fighting-age men from terror countries, and the administration is feeding the cartels. The administration – open borders Democrats are allowing this.

This is where cartels send the worst of the worst, out in remote areas to be given parole. The administration allows the cartels to do this. This is with the approval of Cartel Katie, the governor of Arizona, Katie Hobbs. It is why they couldn’t let Kari Lake win.

Todd Bensman explains how it works.

The administration has rechanneled illegal border crossers with a new program, bringing them through the ports of entry with permission slips that they get on an app. There is no vetting.

“We now have had enough time since the end of 42 to kind of get a handle on how many of those there are, and we’re looking at probably in the neighborhood of 80,000 a month coming through the ports now [in addition to the numbers of about 169,000 we know come in each month]. They’re not releasing the numbers, but we can extrapolate from other numbers which I have done.

“It looks like about 80,000 a month that essentially makes up this 70% decline they’re talking about. They’re saying, ‘Oh my God, the numbers coming through the ports of entry are down 70%.’

They’re not down…they’re up by at least 80,000 on top of the 170,000, which doesn’t include all the people who sneak in who don’t get counted.

We’ll have 20 million by the end of the year. [By next year, 30 million, and that’s all she wrote.]



In case you were wondering who is doing this to us besides the administration, it’s the elites (globalists), the unelected bureaucrats, and the enemies of this country from within. You’re not allowed to say they’re replacing us, or they will compare you with Hitler. But clearly, they are replacing us.

As Susan Payne said several years back when she sat on a phone call with Obama’s top staff, they are forming a country within a country, and when they have enough numbers, the foreigners will take over [Listen here]. At that point, we will have a one-party state – an authoritarian Democrat state that bows to the will of the World Economic Forum, The Who, the World Bank, and all the rest of the Globalists.

For example, listen to the elite globalist of The Aspen Institute praise Mayorkas for the “wonderful” job he is doing.

They come in day and night, non-stop.





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