RFK Jr. Slapped Down Hannity’s Talking Points on Ukraine Today


Sean Hannity interviewed Robert F. Kennedy Jr. today at a Fox News town hall and looked very weak next to RFK. So, he kept interrupting and changing the subject. Hannity repeatedly said Putin’s evil. He added that Putin didn’t have to invade Ukraine, and why doesn’t Europe defend its own continent?

Hannity said he doesn’t like the idea that America is financing most of the war and “Why would Joe Biden veto Poland giving Zelensky fighter jets to actually fight to win the war after they were invaded?”

“Well, the more disturbing thing is that on two occasions, the Russians tried to sign a peace agreement with Zelensky,” Kennedy said.

Hannity interjected and said, “You trust Putin?”

Kennedy said he didn’t trust Putin and explained that you never trust the other side in a negotiation. “You use language art, and you use the design of agreement.”

Hannity jumped in to say Putin was evil and Ukraine’s already given up Crimea, and “now they have to give up the Donbas area?”

RFK continued, “Ukraine, because of our pushing Ukraine into the war on two occasions, in the end, we pushed them into it…” Hannity interrupted, and RFK said, “Let me answer your question.”

“In 2019, France, Germany, and Russia all agreed to the Minsk Accords. That year, Zelensky ran for president. He was a comedian. He had no political experience. Why did he win? Because he ran on one issue – signing the Minsk Accords. As soon as he got in there, Victoria Nuland and the White House told him he couldn’t do it.

“Then Putin sends 40,000 troops, and that’s not enough to conquer the country. Clearly, he wanted us to come to negotiate. He wanted somebody to come to the negotiating table. So Zelensky came to the negotiating table, signed a new agreement that was the Minsk Accords II in 2022, and that would have allowed Donbas to stay and Lugansk to remain as part of Ukraine.

Putin signed it, Zelensky initialed it, and then “Putin in good faith began withdrawing troops from the Ukraine. What happened? We sent Boris Johnson over there to torpedo it because we don’t want peace with, we want war with Russia.”

Hannity asked him why he’s blaming America and “Putin is an evil murdering dictator thug, and when he leaves this earth, nobody’s going to miss him. Let’s be honest.” Then he went back to Europe should defend itself, and he believes you should fight to win.

Hannity claimed it always falls on the US. It’s as if RFK never explained our role in this war.

“I don’t think most of the European countries wanted the war either. It’s clear what happened, which is that from the beginning we promised, 1992… the Russian leadership…dismantled the Soviet Union.” Gorbachev said he’d withdraw all the troops from Ukraine, but he wanted only one concession. Russia wanted assurances that NATO would not move East.

“James Baker, who was the Secretary of State under Bush, famously promised, ‘We will not move NATO one inch to the East,’ well, since then, we’ve moved it 1000 miles in 14 countries now.”

“When we started that plan in 1997, Bill Perry, who was the Secretary of Defense under Clinton, said to the Clinton administration if you move NATO East, I’m resigning because you are forcing the Russians to come to war with us. George Cannon, the most important diplomat in American history and the architect of the containment policy during World War II, said the same thing. You do not need to make an enemy out of Russia. Russia should be treated the way… we won the cold…”

Hannity interrupted him again, changing the subject.



RFK snuffed all of the Ukraine war talking points. Sean is a warmonger. This didn’t have to happen and shouldn’t have happened. RFK managed to get his point across. Hopefully, people are beginning to realize this is a US war we shouldn’t be in.

Zelensky isn’t fighting for democracy for the world. That’s clear. He just imprisoned the head of the Orthodox church because he doesn’t like his opinion. Zelensky has a lot of priests locked up, along with bloggers, writers, and politicians whose opinions he doesn’t like. He cancelled the elections indefinitely.

He wants to drag us into World War III. That’s a threat to democracy..




  1. And this my folks is why among other things why Putin did what he did. WE MOVED EAST and after agreeing not to. RFK is not a stupid man, and is an old type democrat who most working men of America voted for. The demorats of today are totally different.

  2. Hannity is a rich dullard RINO. His changing of the subjects and interruptions shows intent to distract. He seems to be a government propagandist. He plays the good guy conservative game but always reverts to the deep state view when important. It is a con.

  3. Sounds like Hannity’s been watching Too Much Fox News. He is sounding more and more like a total Idiot. Would Hannity consider having someone like Scott Ritter on the show and debate this topic.


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