RFK Jr. Wants to Close the Border, Won’t Take Our Guns


Robert Kennedy Jr.’s father and uncle were killed by lunatics with guns; Still, he said he will not take guns from Americans, even though he doesn’t necessarily agree with it.

He told Elon Musk that he is a “constitutional absolutist” and won’t do it. The Supreme Court has decided the issue.

He blames drugs for gun violence, including Prozac and drugs given to kids. Schools need airport-style security, he says.

“[In] Switzerland, the last school shooting was 21 years ago. We have one every 21 hours. The one thing that we have that is different than anybody in the world is the amount of psychiatric drugs that our children are taking and our people are taking,” said Kennedy.

As president, Kennedy said he would “look very closely at the role of psychiatric drugs in these events — and there are no good studies right now that should have been done years ago on this issue — because there is tremendous circumstantial evidence that those SSRIs and benzos and other drugs are doing this.”

“There’s something happening in our country right now that is not happening anywhere else in the world and has never happened in human history,” continued Kennedy. “You have to look at some of the — almost all of these — drugs. If you look at their manufacturers’ inserts, they include a side effect of homicidal and suicidal behavior. … Prior to the introduction of Prozac, we had almost none of these events in our country and we’ve never seen them in human history.”

The Kennedy scion said that the neocons in the administration have victimized Ukrainians since 2014. He believes Russians will win the war. RFK does not believe what the White House is saying about the war, the casualties, any of it. The war was introduced as a humanitarian issue, but the neocons in the White House now want to overturn Putin.

The interviewer ‘fact-checked’ RFK over Ukraine, but didn’t present evidence. Reporter Phillips simply said they “don’t see any evidence” backing up what RFK said and the White House denies it.

The interviewer also noted that his family contradicted him on vaccines and don’t support him. RFK said some of his family do support him.

Interviewer Phillips asked, “How did you come to the point where you decided you wanted to run for president?”

RFK Jr: “Just watching the way the pandemic was conducted with the countermeasures. And then the war, and the bank bailouts, and I just like, I had enough, and I see my country disappearing. I see party on a path and I don’t see there’s any difference …you know it’s a Uniparty. They’re both a party of war. The Democratic Party used to be the party of peace.”

RFK Jr. said he is an environmentalist, but not when he sees these arms of government taking over.

Kennedy was clear on the subject of American sovereignty with special emphasis on the U.S.-Mexico border.

“We need to seal our border,” said Kennedy. “It is a key existential function for every nation in the world to be able to control immigration at its border and having millions of people or hundreds of thousands, in this case millions of people, flowing across the border is not something any nation can or should put up with.”

“Worst of all, it’s created a humanitarian crisis at the border. The notion that we have an open border is now a gospel around the world so that people are flying in from all over the world, from Europe, from China, from Asia … and being assisted by nonprofit groups and by government groups to actually make their way to the United States border within buses, and that needs to be shut down.”

According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection, over 1.4 million illegal aliens stole into the country between October and April alone

He also said he believes he can defeat Donald Trump.

I like a lot of what RFK says, but I can’t vote for him. He’s the party of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and they will control him.

RFK Jr. sounds like he’s going for the Republican vote. The hard left will hate him. Watch:



  1. He’s the party of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and they will control him.’
    Or take him out like they normally do to the Kennedy’s.

  2. Do you want truth?

    A startling new documentary from Vince Everett Ellison, revealing how Democrats have contaminated America’s soul. “Will You Go To Hell For Me” This is a very powerful presentation. Checkout the trailer.


    This Documentary may wake up many Christian Democrats. Many of us on the right are aware of “some” of the contents but can’t say it to friends.

    Here is a presentation by the creator of the Documentary. Start at 25 minutes.


    Vince Everett Ellison is a straight shooter. He holds nothing back! Rare even for conservatives which he is.

  3. I doubt RFK would nominate a constitutionalist judge, his dem caucus would revolt.

    I sense RFK is taking changing and situational positions. A few weeks ago he said that we caused the problems in Latin America and we should finance those countries to prevent the invasion. Now he says the border must be sealed. The emphasis change is gargantuan.

    He can easily win NH and Iowa, the party is mobilizing to change rules and schedules to prevent that. I cannot imagine Biden would fairly win in either state.


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