RFK Jr’s Internal Polling Shows His Candidacy Takes More Votes from Trump


During a recent interview with a podcaster, Robert F. Kennedy revealed that his internal polling shows that if he ran as an independent, he would take more general election votes from Donald Trump than Joe Biden.

He has been laying the groundwork to attract Republicans to his ticket.

It could be accurate since, as strong as Trump‘s base is, there is a large contingent of Republicans out there who will not vote for him and will think that RFK will do the kinds of things they would like to see done in a more genteel way.

For what it’s worth, the polling we have right now shows Trump with a strong lead in the general election. However, that’s without RFK Jr.

We have to keep our eye on this. What if he’s just trying to keep Donald Trump or any Republican from winning? There’s no evidence of that, but it is something to keep in mind.




  1. As time goes on, RFK’s socialist agenda will be more evident. Right now he is known as an anti-establishment candidate, so may get some of Trump’s anti-establishment vote. Lots of dems are going to vote anti-war and anti-mandate.

  2. Dreamers…If they are incapable of analyzing the situation they should NOT vote…Any ‘outsider’ would have the same problem with this lot…


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