Rolling Stone Reports Sidney Powell Will Be Arrested Soon


Election fraud activist Sidney Powell is expected to receive a criminal indictment in the very near future. Allegedly, allies of the former president have been blaming her for allegedly trying to steal the election in interviews with special counsel Jack Smith’s investigators.

On Friday, Rolling Stone dropped the bombshell, revealing that Special Counsel Hack Jack Smith will soon “criminally charge” election attorney Sidney Powell for pushing Trump’s so-called Big Lie to help Trump try to “steal” Biden’s win.

Because, of course, everyone believes 81 million people voted for Joe Biden.

Sidney Powell

Rolling Stone reports that “four sources with knowledge of the matter, several witnesses, and Trump allies who’ve appeared before the special counsel” agree that “Powell should be preparing now for Smith to bring criminal charges.”

Rolling Stone says that Jack Smith’s investigators recently met with Bernie Kerik — a longtime Rudy Giuliani associate and a Trump ally who worked on the Giuliani-led legal team challenging Trump’s 2020 defeat. Allegedly, Kerik’s lawyer says that “Based on the contents of their questions, and my understanding of criminal law, the main individual who was discussed” and possibly incriminated by Mr. Kerik “would be Sidney.”

Kerik’s lawyer added that Kerik told investigators “there was no back-up for anything she said. When she was asked to provide proof, she didn’t produce anything.”

His lawyer also said that Kerik used the word “lunatic” multiple times to describe Powell during the interview.

Rolling Stone reports that “prosecutors have shown a particular, keen interest in Powell’s work and conduct in recent days and weeks” and that “multiple witnesses have been grilled about what they thought of Powell as a person, as well as her actions during then-President Trump’s months-long crusade to allegedly cling to power.

“Witnesses were asked if Powell ever showed them actual proof of her bizarre claims of an election-fraud conspiracy, and if Powell herself ever privately expressed any signs of doubt about any of the theories.”

Rolling Stone says that a source who has been in the room recently with federal investigators succinctly put it this way: “Sidney’s f****d.”

[Her Kraken didn’t include evidence. She also told people in Georgia not to vote in the senatorial race. She has a lot of common sense and was right on so many things as we later learned.]



  1. Great. Then Powell will be able to expose, through discovery, that government agents led her down a rabbit hole using false and misleading information to derail her legal efforts to stop the election steal.

  2. MSNBC and the IC / DOJ can say all kinds of crap not grounded even remotely in reality. But, those on the other side of the spectrum are attacked for politically incorrect statements with out regard to truth. Massive scam.

    • I don’t know of an incorrect statement Powell made, and neither do you. There are questionable statements, which is entirely difference. You have adopted the popular culture ideas while opposing those ideas.

  3. Rolling Stone is a JOKE . If they say she’s to be arrested, then the
    opposite is true . They are as credible as a dog doo snow cone .
    Remember U.V.A. yo .

  4. The left wants a civil war, and soon.
    That’s why they always attack the females (see J6) as it passes off the men who are programmed to protect

  5. Freedom of speech means just that. You can say anything you want the rest of us can decide wether it’s true or not. I don’t care about elections the deep state runs the country not us. What’s interesting about this is how easy the left gets the right to turn on each other. Look at how the left unites in lockstep around the Biden’s . The left never turns on each other. Could you imagine if Trump took 3.5 million from the wife of the mayor of Moscow. Trump would be run out of town on a rail & all his supporters would dump him.

  6. Sidney Powell and a 1/2 dozen more put their balls on the table for Trump and he couldn’t even back them up. I see 2024 being a rehash of 2020. If you got something that works, why change it? Not one communist got solicited….No political solution is available, wake up and grow some balls America or did they they all die 250 years ago and America is full of pussies?

    • I admire Trump, think he’s a great leader, but he was naive until he lost the 2020 election and realized he had surrounded him with Deep Staters who were out to bury him and most of his administration were , as you say pussies,” and worse.Nothing has changed other than the organized criminal syndicate masquerading as the Democratic Party and their herd of RINOS are even more brazen. They know they can get away with it. The only way this nation and the world is to be rescued from these mobsters is for the people to finally exercise their 2nd Amendment rights.

    • That is just plain silly. Trump was a coup victim, he had no wherewithal to help Powell. Tell us what you expected Trump to do.

  7. Rolling Stone magazine in the last 10 years has been caught publishing many fake stories.

    The one I remember the most is that story about a girl raped on a broken glass table by a bunch of white boys.

    It turned out not a word of it was true.

    Rolling Stone Mag is a bunch of radical leftards who will tell any lie to help the tyrannical Democrats stay in power.

    • Remember what happened to that guy who made a threat against Biden & was gun ned down in a flash bang grenade assault. Try to imagine what the reaction would if that happened to Patrice Colours multi millionaire head of BLM that routinely makes threats much worse than this & acts on them. Of course there would be a national uproar that would go on for months.

  8. I believe everything Powell has said. No one has debunked anything she has said and the fact they don’t even want to discuss her evidence is proof that the evidence is real and accurate. If they indict her that will open up more discovery and that will only be a good thing. Hopefully Smith took a few jabs and will drop dead soon.

    • I believe everything Powell has said.

      That would be a mistake. She alleged the elections in Venezuela were rigged, when a US backed group of international observers said that while there were a few irregularities, it was one of the freest and fairest elections they had observed. Irregularities happen in every election, everywhere.
      Where Powell was accurate was her “Kraaken” statement in saying that the NSA had all of the information needed. I think it is fair to say that most open minded people acknowledge that the “irregularities” and “odd” circumstances that occurred in the 2020 US elections were too numerous to believe something wasn’t right.

      • Anyone who believes that Maduro won more than 90% of the vote after presiding over an epic economic collapse featuring mass starvation & hunger. Is to dumb to have an intelligent conversation with. Over a million people fled to Columbia of all places to find food. Those were the ones who had the means to travel. Were you born this dumb or did you have to work at it.

        • You must be really dumb to believe all the Western media propaganda about Venezueala, and I’m sure you double down on your dumbness on a regular basis. 

          • Yes, the poor reasoning by Curmudgeon involves an attempt to mock Powell, using MSM gossip, afterwards supporting the 2020 election was wrong. Curmudgeon has a desire to conform to whichever way the wind blows.

        • I agree, Curmudgeon uses a weak point to assert that Powell is wrong, then asserts that the 2020 election was rigged. Curmudgeon can try to resolve that within themself. After all, Curmudgeon, clearly does not following detail, assumes something was wrong in 2020, knows not what, but opposes assuming anything about Powell.

          To assume that the Venezuela election was clean shows a serious reasoning problem.

      • You just made a huge mistake, to support the Venezuela elections. There are numerous reports of fraud, but you rely on some globalist leftists to tell you what to think.

  9. Why in the world would she show these deep state people anything. We all saw and heard the people testify so we all know it to be true. Another door is being opened to inject further evidence. Keep listening to these idiots.

  10. No way did Bribeme win the election except by fraud I knew when they stopped the count when Trump was ahead that the fix was on .They want to lock Sidney up as bad as they do Trump she is hated by the dem/communists nearly as bad as they hate Trump.all this BS they have on Trump is mostly pure BS I do not know how this is going to turn out but I would guess that Trump will be found guilty of most counts and it will end up in the courts for years if the court system survives .

    • Powell spoke of the network traffic to machines during counting, that may get her a death sentence from our criminal regime.

  11. The folks involved in the fraudulent registrations case in Michigan had over 70 offices around the country.

    We probably know where most of them are without even looking at the listings.

    One I know of that did a different sort of election “consulting” has/had 35 or so offices here and there ~ on top of a headquarters in Arizona.

    The EFFORT was HUGE…. and in the end they created 24 million ballots from people who’d never before voted for Joe Biden.

    Almost all of those ballots are indistinguishable from authentic ballots. That’s courtesy of a modern printing system called Laser Jet Printers.

    • Real ballots are printed in a print shop and usually with offset or digital presses. The quantities would be too high for a laser printer to print all of it. Someone printing ballots at home would not be the same. Shops use ink and laser printers use toner. Laser printers also print a almost unseen pattern of yellow dots so cops know what printer it came from. The ballots are only indistinguishable if you’re not looking. The fake ballots in the 2020 and 2022 elections were printed at a friendly democrat print shop so in those cases it would be hard to tell the difference.

      • There was an expert, I can’t remember his name, and he knew how to identify the official ballots from the fake ones because the official ballots were printed on a special type of paper. He reported on it and of course nothing became of it.

  12. What exactly is she being charged for? Expressing an opinion? Disagreeing with fake news sources? It’s about time someone reels in these corrupt assholes and starts charging them with real crimes.

    • Exactly. She and everyone else should be able to express an opinion on the results of an election. The US gov does it all the time in foreign countries, and actually overturns elections, exactly what they are accusing Trump and his associates of doing.

  13. She presented evidence of the military and government being involved in the election fraud, of 2020. Of course they want to see that she is shut up permanently, especially with Trump’s trial coming up. She’s a threat and a lot of what she said was fact. The military being involved overseas with corrupted voting machines (in Germany), etc.. Those machines were immediately taken by the military police and disappeared with nothing heard about them again. Sound familiar? There was more. The left fought back by trying to ruin her and the other lawyer involved, threatening jail, loss of license to practice law, etc.. If she was a nutcase they would have simply denied it and ignored her.

  14. The Kraken is still in the vault. It’s growling and angry. Now that Joke Smith has enabled discovery it’s gonna jump out of that vault and smack the judge with so many undeniable facts even Winnie will gasp.

  15. This is the problem–I’ve seen this from the beginning. Powel bought into the Dennis Montgomery/Mary Fanning scam (despite Montgomery’s proven history of grifting). She believed the version of the Dominion/Smartmatic issue that was vastly misrepresented on the internet (and was provably wrong) and tried to tie stuff into Venezuela.

    Really she should have checked her facts before opening her mouth.

    • Yes, it’s Trilateral forcing my Dem elite pol traitors. Real source of the power struggle resides inside Bilderberg oil and finance cartels. Their aim is total recovery of their Imperial agenda: view ‘imperial’ within the context of international corporations linked to the DOD. Recall three sitting Presidents’ teachings: military industrial complex; secret societies; controlled news information. The above frames the total problem, which is simple and not complicated as criminals are not complicated. 🙂

    • I’ve done tons of court time. The truth never comes out in court, BUT your point may stand as so many judges selected by Pedo, Obama, Clinton and Bush have minds of mush. Meaning, they have no reasoning ability leading easily to higher courts.

    • She is strangely vague about her ‘Kraken’, but it appears to be based on the (long term grifter) Dennis Montgomery claims of ‘internet count changing’. If that indeed is her Kraken, she’s cooked. He has zero credibility, and his analysis has been proven wrong by tech experts (some of which are Trump supporters).

      [Over the years, Montgomery:

      Almost convince the military to shoot down an Air France liner because he had ‘accessed secret codes’ that it was about to be used in a terrorist strike.

      Conned Sheriff Arpaio into hiring him for inside information on a suspect. The info was false, the case collapsed.

      Sold Vegas casino owners on an expensive contract for software that would catch cheater. It was all smoke and mirrors, the software did not exist.

      This same guy is the source of a lot of Powell’s claims]

  16. The knives are out for Sidney. Although I doubt Jake the Red Smith will be so foolish. Once she is charged criminally she will have unlimited access to the evidence that was denied and concealed. I look forward to the charges, the discovery and the trial. Sidney will prevail.

      • Hopefully, Jack the Red will bring the charges and allow Sidney access to unlimited discovery. although, I can hear Obama on the phone advising Jack the Red not to include Sidney, although she has already been named as an unindicted co-conspirator with Trump. I believe the FRcP allows her discovery to contest being named as an unindicted co-conspirator. Sidney, of all people, will know and use whatever access she has to assist Trump in his defense. BTW, I want to point out that Sidney is a highly skilled and experienced attorney with far more experience than any of the attorneys defending Trump, and her refusal to provide evidence other than in a court of law may be correct.

  17. Didn’t Bernie do time for free renovations to his house? A 2nd grade detective who was made Police Commissioner in NYC by Rudy as a reward for loyalty, and as an F you to the Police brass. Bernie doesn’t have much credibility here.

  18. Ye the rolling STONED is definitely my go-to source for the truth. Jack Smitherines will regret what he wished for if she is indicted.

  19. Okay, so they charge her with what exactly? She is entitled to an opinion. The whole Kraken thing, I dunno, what the hell was she thinking(influenced by some Q stuff maybe?!). But does her actions warrant an arrest?? What exactly did she do that caused damage to the US??

    She, like others have had their first amendment rights violated have they not? It is lawful to challenge results in elections, has been done a number of times, but not so bad as this federal election. The Dems seemed to have done a good job of violating a number of methods in the electoral process – see Pennsylvania – the mail in ballots, abuse of military ballots, US Postal service shenanigans, counting in multiple swing states…

    IF they hadn’t done the mail in stuff, flipping votes on machines may have been more noticeable… who’s to know what went on, it was that dirty. The fact is Trump got shafted by a corrupt party and willing accomplices both foreign and domestic… and these idiots wanna charge people over questionable election results??

    Funny how that didn’t happen when on the other foot! This is pathetic. Chop the funding off, stop manipulating with elections. Legal system is out of control.

  20. Her Kraken claims damage rather than benefit the cause of holding election fraudsters accountable, as they can point to her lies to claim that all the election fraud claims are lies, and for many people, particularly those who are already wanting to shield the Democrats, that will be enough to convince them the election was clean.

    I believed their claims for a while, but eventually I figured it out that it was all lies. I still believe there was mass cheating, but it was not through electronic changes of Trump votes to Biden, but just from mass fake ballot dumping.

    She took the eyes off the real goal with her lies.

      • So, you are claiming that her claims about the Kraken, which was supposed to be a CISA operation that caught all the vote cheating in real time and that they can tell you the exact true count of the vote is real? Because Sidney has already admitted it was all lies.

        “The Kraken Cracks Under Pressure: Sidney Powell Claims No Reasonable Person Would Conclude That [Her] Statements Were Truly Statements of Fact”

    • You figured out nothing. You were unable to cite anything.

      Oh we get your trick here blah blah blah Powell may be wrong on something, I have no idea what or why, but by golly then she will allow the whole election coup to go unchallenged, blah blah blah.


  22. “Witnesses were asked if [Powell] ever showed them actual proof of [her] bizarre claims of an [election-fraud] conspiracy, and if [Powell herself] ever privately expressed any signs of doubt about any of the theories.”
    Substitute “Powell, her, election-fraud, and Powell herself”, with “Schiff, his, Russian-çollusion, and Schiff himself”. In the end, their differences are negligible.


  23. What happens when they try her and she pulls out the evidence.

    * Biden lost 18 of 19 bellwether counties, which predicted the winner of the presidential race every time since 1980.

    * Biden got nearly 12 million more votes than President Obama did in 2008, yet he had fewer votes than Obama in 70.7% of counties (2,228 out of 3,152).

    * Republican House candidates won 27 out of the 27 races that were considered “toss-ups” by the New York Times, and it is extremely rare for an incumbent president to win seats in the house and lose re-election.

    * No presidential incumbent in the past 100 years has increased his vote and lost re-election.

    * No incumbent that has won over 75% of the primary vote (Trump received 94%) has ever lost re-election.

    * Also, sudden increases in votes in the middle of the night in key swing states were found to favor Biden at extraordinarily improbable rates. Some states have more votes than people who voted. This series of highly unusual events raises the possibility that it was not all just a series of coincidences but can instead be explained by fraud that must at least be thoroughly investigated.

    How is it fair to claim Russia, Russia, Russia election interference without evidence but the facts above are null and void for suspicion of cheating.

    Can you imagine this being true for a Democrat incumbent?

  24. Trump caused the cheating when he signed the Cares Act. It wasn’t some grand plot with rigged machines. Just many people who hated Trump, who Trump enabled to carry out voter fraud with mail in ballots.

    • “2000 Mules” stuffed ballot boxes in a few swing states. Cell phone data tracks them to repeatedly going to ballot boxes in the middle of the night. Security cameras show them stuffing ballots wearing rubber gloves. No judge in any court has the courage to hear the evidence.

      • We watched 2000 MULES. It is very educational and informative, and we were very impressed by the photography. Unfortunately, the conclusion that the film would have us draw — that a few thousand people were responsible for illegal ballot trafficking that threw the election — was not completely sold to us. The key to 2000 MULES — the names and addresses of the Democratic nonprofits that funded the “heist” — were never given. So we have the germ of an idea of how the election could have been stolen, but we don’t have the culprits, and we should know them after 3 years.

        Since the election, we learned that:
        (1) Zuckerbucks were probably illegal, targeted contributions to the election offices that would help Joe Biden the most;
        (2) Relaxed rules on signature matching made elections un-auditable.
        (3) Intel agencies and social media targeted conservatives, buried the biggest election scandal ever, and the gov’t withheld key exculpatory evidence from the FISA court, Congress, impeachment proceedings, and they are still doing that.
        (4) Attorney General Bill Barr quietly directed officials not to investigate 2020 election claims.

    • That is nonsense, Oh we get your propaganda blah blah blah the 2020 election coup was all Trump’s fault. Are you ever able to not think inversely?

      Why not use a decent name?

  25. When you go to bed and Trump has a clear lead, and you wake up and Biden has already set up his “Office of the President Elect” swag, there will be questions.

    And rightfully so. They never explained the 2AM Biden vote count anomalies showing up in the few key swing state precincts Biden needed to defeat Trump by about 20,000 votes over all.

    Those vote jumps were mathematically impossible to come in the exact same ratios, late at night and flip Trump’s election day victory.

    • Lots of ballots were harvested in California by Democrat party apparatchiks – skid rows and nursing homes.

      It was legal to do this in California – you surely would not want to “suppress voting” would you?

  26. the rolling stoned are “delusional, socialist, new world order, fascist/commie, utopiast, democrat-uniparty regurgitating propaganda,lies & doublespeak – the lame stream media”…

  27. Biden only won by 20,000 votes, NOT 81 million “popular votes” – those were ginned up in mainly NY and CA

    Two states only – where the unions pounded the pavements harvesting ballots for this intentional “gaslighting tool.

    This too was part of the Democrats “election fraud unit” used to stop anyone from looking at how dodgy those few actual votes were that flipped the electoral college vote for Biden

    There was no popular mandate for Biden – only the very slimmest margin to flip the electoral college. You surely do not want CA and NY calling the shots by “popular vote” do you?

  28. Regardless of one’s opinion of Sidney Powell, this fascist regime in DC and I do mean fascist is criminalizing the espousing of opinion. They are doing it with DJT and now with her. Personally, I wish she would have had the receipts she said she had but it appears she did not. So what? Her punishment would be to carry that suit the rest of her career. But to indict someone for speaking that? Chilling steps to squelch our First Amendment. We are first person witnesses to the intentional destruction of our once great Republic and sadly, I believe it is too late to get it back. All we will be able to do is exact some payments from the other side.

    • Think maybe she planned it this way? She gets a large captive audience to present her evidence. And there might be much more if she’s allowed discovery.

  29. It’s no surprise that the DOJ leaks Powell’s “criminal indictment” to the Rolling Stone. They do what they’re told just like O’Biden.

  30. Gestapo taking out another human fighting for freedom. Did you ever post, on any site, that the election was stolen? If so, and once they’ve disposed of those that will defend you (Trump, Giuliani, Sidney), then they’ll be coming for you next.

  31. Just another example of the government’s ability to destroy anyone who doesn’t go along with the narrative. Unfortunately, the government has unlimited resources to bankrupt their targets. Of course, the taxpayer is on the hook to fund these cases.

  32. At this point, the Left has to stay in power, as their successor in the White House will see all of the bribery, pay for play, illegal favors to other countries for money, money laundering of political donations from foreign entities. Plus, the cheating of votes and the persecution of anyone opposing them.
    They can never allow anyone who is not one of them in that office, ever.

  33. The DOJ, FBI, IRS, MSM & teacher’s union are domestic terror organizations. This country will no longer be a free country, until they are defunded and dismantled entirety. You cannot have freedom or democracy in a country when its corrupt security services are allowed to indict their opponents, while covering up the crimes of their allies.

  34. If the election was not stolen, nobody would prosecute the skeptics because it would be so much easier to investigate and determine the truth.

    • as trump and others have said- those who are Not guilty of election fraud, will not object to verification of election results. They should be eager for it ! That is a major factor that distinguished a democracy/republic from a dictatorship ( as in china where the election results in 99 plus percent vote for the incumbent ). No honesr person should Ever object to election verification !

  35. Now they are criminalizing thought and speech. We know what we saw.

    The most obvious clue: vote counting halted for the first time in history with Trump holding huge and growing leads, disappearing when counting resumed, thanks to hundreds of thousands of Biden-only ballots. 
    2500 sworn affidavits, investigated.
    700,0000 more absentee ballots returned than sent out in PA. 
    Poll watchers ejected or prevented from doing their job; cardboard taped over election center windows. 
    Precincts in multiple states with 100%+ turnout. 
    No chain of custody documentation for hundreds of Zuckerburg-funded drop boxes. 
    Mail in ballots with machine-printed not hand-completed selections. 
    Greater Biden vote dumps than tabulators physically able to count them during the given time period. 
    Hundreds of thousands of ballots with Biden only votes and no down ballot vote.
    Polling machine connected to the internet, not air-gapped as claimed.
    Dominion tabulators counting Biden votes at 113% and Trump votes as 87%.
    Observers sent home followed by cases of ballots pulled from under tables resulting in a huge Biden spike. 
    Witnesses in multiple states observing Biden ballots run through multiple times.
    Thousands of ineligible voters voting: dead, multiple votes, underage, no longer residing in a state.
    Postal workers ordered to backdate mail in ballots. 
    Postal workers testifying they drove truckloads of ballots from New York to Pennsylvania.  
    Vote counting in Georgia resumed with all subsequent batches: Biden 50.05% and Trump 49.95%. 
    And on and on . . . 

    • Before my eyes, I watched Trump’s vote tallies being reduced in number and given to Biden. They stopped counting and started rigging as soon as Trump was about to get to the point in the Electoral counts where they could no longer say he did not win. They started calling wins for places with minimal vote percentages in. They all turned out to be the places where all the contested cheating took place, because FOX knew they were rigged. Then they stopped the counting completely early in the night, until whenever they decided to start up again. It was STOLEN right before my eyes. Trump’s vote counts started going down from where they were. Now they want us to embrace mail in voting, but nobody seems to remember the truck loads of mail in Trump ballots found in ditches and in dumpsters. And since when is all vote counting done only by democrats? Since when do Republicans watch from afar while the democrats do the counting?

      • I meant to say the point in the Electoral count where they could no longer deny that Trump won, but it won’t let me edit it.

      • Anyone with a brain including the dense leftists know the 2020 election was stolen. Like you pointed out it’s as obvious as water is wet that the election was stolen right before our eyes.

      • Yes, some numbers did actually drop for Trump, live on screen, and those were official numbers directly fed from states.

  36. Go for it FJB
    and the CAT will kick you ass
    Sidney Powell is a cat with the cool calm smooth style of the hunter
    She is no prey ,no easy mark
    The Truth is her WEAPON
    Court of LAW
    Her Play Ground

    • Once the corrupt open the door, they may come to regret it as well as the precedence they establish. We cannot wait to bring investigations to Obama supporters and advisers, not to mention the most corrupt and vile prez in America’s history, i.e., Brandon.

  37. Now they are criminalizing what everyone knows to be true: the election was stolen. Very Orwellian.

    “All tyrannies rule through fraud and force but once fraud is exposed, they must rely exclusively on force.” George Orwell.

  38. The Communists are trying to protect their 2020 coup d’etat. Anybody that questions their legitimacy is either arrested are killed by the FBI.

  39. If the DOJ is arresting anyone who thinks the 2020 election was stolen then DOJ better start building more prisons and they better hurry. Now that the word is finally getting out how corrupt the DOJ and FBI are, It will be the Dems, DOJ and the FBI who will be behind bars.

  40. Trump won. it is more and more obvious with each passing day. Covid was planned and executed by the Dems and Chicoms working together to remove Trump. Pretty apparent right now.

  41. The biteme regime’s weaponized DOJ is now arresting anyone who advocated for President Trump. Intimidation is the goal. Make sure no one will represent President Trump. Despicable. Is comradegrandmuftihusseinobama possibly directing this shit show? America has had enough.

  42. Yeah and the 4 sources are no doubt 4 FBIGestapo Agents attempting to create another diversion while the latest Coverup is the selection of the Delaware U.S. Attorney (a violation of the law) to investigate Hunter and his Biden Crime Family.

    No one is punished for lying. People are only punished for telling the truth.

  43. You’re only allowed to state what the Junta permits. Go over the line they will inflict lawfare on you. Answer the knock on your door with a firearm in hand and the junta will gun you down in your slippers.

    So what’s permitted? Well you have to run your mouth to find out. Speech is regulated in America on a case by case basis. What’s permitted by the junta for one person is summary execution for another.

    So safe bet is keep your mouth shut if critical of the junta. Else FAFO.

      • Knock? That old guy this week had his door rammed down and he was baited with flash bangs before they stormed in and assassinated him. Those posts he made were fantasies, not threats. The ones they aired made no threats. He never said he was going to DO anything. They went and assassinated him and dragged him out onto the sidewalk.

        Biden is what Michael Corleone called a “Pezzonovante”. (Little big man. One who thinks he’s way more than he is.) Assassinating citizens now. WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE? I don’t see any. that’s the bothersome part.

  44. With the Biden Machine prosecuting all its political enemies because they want to protect an obviously rigged ’20 election and rig ’24 as well, the US Govt is going to have a Bud Light problem. How do you get people to continue to buy into and support a System that’s fake and does not represent their interests?

  45. How long can a government be considered as legitimate when citizens no longer believe in it? According to a May 2023 Rasmussen poll, 2/3 of Americans did not consider the ’20 election as genuine. And that the Feds rigged the J6 “insurrection”. The more the Biden Machine attacks its political enemies, especially during an election cycle, the higher those numbers are going to go. How can you keep your fake government going when NO ONE BELIEVES IT’S REAL?

    • Refer to our Founding Fathers and the 1776 Revolution. I fear we are just about there and when Resident Depends issues an Executive Order for Martial Law, Deferral of the 2024 Election, and Door to Door searchs by his Alphabet Gestapo Agencies to confiscate all guns, we will likely see just why so many Chinese of military age have entered our Country.

  46. If I were Jack Smith and the J6 committee, I’d be very concerned that the “conspiracy to deny rights” charge comes for them real soon.

  47. Sounds like no conservative or Republican is allowed to question an election WITHOUT BEING PUT IN JAIL. That’s a POLICE STATE. Biden’s henchmen are going after all his enemies in time to rig the 24 election, which we won’t be able to question either. They’re pretty open now not only about their massive corruption but about the dictatorship. According to a May 2023 poll of Rasmussen, at least 2/3 of the American public BELIEVE the 2020 election was fraudulent and the more they do this stuff…..THE HIGHER THOSE NUMBERS ARE GOING TO GO. 81 million votes for Biden was not legitimately possible.

      • You’re right. It’s far more than Obama EVER received as the 1st black POTUS and far more than Hillary received as the first female candidate (who actually won the popular vote – which no one, including me who detests her, denies) . What’s really revealing is when you examine the TOTAL VOTES CAST and compare then to the preceding 3 elections of 2008, 2012,2016 and what is revealed is that no one can explain the sheer enormity of the vote. Those 3 elections were relatively close in overall numbers, 2020 was tens millions more and there is no conceivable answer to where all the extra votes come from. I’ll have to look up the numbers again so I can post the actuals, but they are NOT explainable even in the most simplistic fashion, without the actual research in the various election frauds across the country.

      • Joltin’ Joe had 57 million people left over who’d voted for him in 2008 and 2012….. (thanks to Death, Disability, Disinterest)

        He claimed 24 million more voters who’d never, ever voted for him!

        All New.

        That’s a 47% increase ~ which is not only unheard of, it’s even way beyond Joseph Stalin did …… with total control over all sides in all phony Russian elections.

        No doubt any research into electioin fraud will surface some major chunk of what the Bidenistas were up to as they carried out an insurrection.

      • He also let slip that he stole and sold numerous state secrets over the years. What do you think all of this payola is for? They keep saying it was for access, but this guy took pay to alter U.S. policies in favor of our enemies, degrading and selling out everything American. Quite frankly, he also extorted them. Pay up or else! He is on the payroll of every enemy of this country and he has sold this country out for personal profit. As Biden once said, not long ago about the other rich people, we should confiscate all of his I’ll begotten gains. This is far beyond bribery, it’s all out TREASON.

  48. Anytime I’ve seen her speak she sounds very intelligent and well-informed. She beat the feds at their own game regarding Gen. Flynn. This is just MORE proof that the Deep State is totally corrupt and needs to be scoured out of the U.S. government. Trump 2024!

    • She was great, UNTIL she hooked up with Lin Wood. We thought he was a brilliant attorney, but he turned out to be a nut and it discredited Sydney Powell greatly, which got her canned from all of her TV appearances. She’s not wrong, she just aligned herself with a nut.

  49. “Rolling Stone” …. psssssft. That rag has about the same credibility as Hunter Brib’em.

    These fools thinking they can persecute President Trump and any legal council representing him through political prosecution for the fictional “crime” of exercising his Constitutional Rights are loons, and they will soon reap what they have sown.

  50. The claim that Joe Biden received 17% MORE legally cast votes than Barack Obama, is in my opinion, simply not credible. Yet this is what we are expected to believe. This is the same Joe Biden that literally lasted under 24 hours in the primary against Obama…

  51. Sidney Powell has plenty of evidence that she has been stymied from introducing into court at every turn due to the lawfare tactics of the deep state traitorous democrats and the judges and politicians who are under their thumbs.

  52. Discovery is a real BITCH!

    She will eat them alive. There is a reason evidence was not produced … it just was not the right time to prove anything, the people were not ready. They have now seen it! They are readier, and readier everyday.

    Discovery is a real BITCH!

  53. There are ~168 million registered voters in the United States. There are ~4 million federal employees (include ALL the military) in the United States. Of those registered votes, a passing number are veterans. Why are we [registered voters]…letting them [the feds]…suppress us?

  54. Good, I hope she gets lots of Discovery in the rigged fraudulent stolen elections of 2020 and 2022.
    I hope she also stops wearing those deplorable leopard outfits. They do her credibility absolutely no good.

  55. Powell’s claims have not been settled. She may have been under tremendous pressure to not produce anything, with physical and threats of arrest.


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