Russell Brand Doubles Down


Russell Brand is a victim of a new European law, and the UK Online Safety Bill, and the Trusted News Initiative. RFK Jr. is suing Trusted News Initiative. They are trying to censor him out of work and out of existence.

Russell Brand is accused of sexual abuse more than a decade ago without evidence, but with the word of four women. He’s innocent until proven guilty.

The UK government has asked social media platforms to ban him, and some have. It is very dangerous for a government to engage in censorship.

In this clip, he takes them all on.

This website is also banned everywhere because the leftists don’t like what we have to say. It’s one of 2,000 on the Disinformation Index. Newsguard hunts for errors on our site and finds a few out of thousands of articles, and they make that a representation of the entire website.

All the fact-checkers are leftists. They want us gone. We are all fading away. They are succeeding.




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