Rye College Where You Better Not Say There Are 2 Genders or It’s Off to Re-Education


Teacher at Rye College Has Meltdown At Year 9 Student Who Questions Why Another Student Is Identifying As A Cat.

Yet another looney teacher. This time it’s Britain; tomorrow, it’s the US. The teacher at Rye College UK wanted to know where a student got the idea there are only two genders.

The student said, “If they want to identify as a cow, they’re genuinely unwell and gone. Yeah, they’re crazy.”

The teacher disagreed and told the student she upset some people [people or cows or cow people?].

The teacher said, “You’re questioning their identity.” She also told the student that her idea of two genders is not an opinion, meaning it’s an opinion she’s not allowed to have. The student responded, “There’s only a boy and a girl. No other private parts.”

Crazy teacher: “Gender is not linked with the parts that you were born with. Gender is about how you identify, which is what I said right from the beginning. ”

Bright student: “But I don’t happen to agree with that.”

The teacher went on to say there are three sexes, male, female, and Intersex.

That’s only the first 50 seconds of this crazy spiel by a “teacher.” In conclusion, the teacher is reporting the student so she can have a “proper conversation about equality, diversity, and inclusion because I’m not having that expressed in my lesson.” [Is that like a Maoist re-education camp?]

This took place in Rye College. They describe themselves on their website as a “good school.” Uh, no, I don’t think so.

The world has gone mad.



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