San Francisco, Streets Are Lined with Feces and Drugs Abound


San Francisco Mayor London Breed admitted that crime is out of control this week. She spoke outdoors in the middle of the open drug scene. The Mayor created open-air drug markets and plans to open more. Naturally, filth follows. The same people drop feces wherever they want without penalty.


“We’re speaking out of both sides of our mouth,” Mayor Breed said. “On the one hand, we want change, and we wanna hold people accountable. And on the other hand, we’re willing to let people get away with murder.”

She’s notorious for it.

During the event, someone among the pro-drug activists threw a brick at the mayor that hit a high school student.

Ms. Breed made the downtown UN Plaza into a “supervised drug consumption site” there. She isn’t learning from the experience. Breed plans to open more drug sites across the city. Those sites will push homeless addicts into residential neighborhoods. The drug dealers come with them.

The Mayor has at other times made comments that make one think she finally understands, but her actions never match up. She’s Woke.

Michael Shellenberger says that Ms. Breed is only doing what the mainstream news tells her to do – the culprits are the NY Times, the Atlantic, the Chronicle, and the LA Tims.


A newly released report from the San Francisco Controller’s office found that nearly half of the city’s commercial sidewalks had feces on them in 2021 and 2022.

The city and county’s chief accounting officer and auditor released their annual “Street & Sidewalk Maintenance Standards” report on Monday, detailing just how pervasive uncleanliness was in the city.

It’s Not Just the Tenderloin

While commercial areas fared worse overall, with 67% of public sidewalks having litter and 58% with broken glass, some residential neighborhoods also reported an alarmingly high presence of public health hazards.

Author and journalist Michael Shellenberger noted that researchers found 90% of the streets and sidewalks in one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in the city had feces. Broken glass and feces were the two most common health hazards found citywide.

“In one of the richest neighborhoods, referred to as ‘Snob Hill,’ researchers found that nearly 90% of the sidewalks had feces on them,” he tweeted.

Other districts like the Tenderloin, the Mission, and South of Market also struggled with the presence of feces.

A Tenderloin resident told The San Francisco Standard his neighborhood was covered in feces.

“It’s terrible; this street is covered,” Joe Souza said. “There’s poop everywhere. You always see it along the wall and in front of the garage there.”

Shellenberger claimed in a follow-up tweet that the city paid almost 100 million dollars to clean up its streets in 2019. [But they didn’t clean up their policies, and it’s getting worse.]

Both surveys also found that sidewalk pavement was in poor condition in 75% of the evaluated areas citywide. 90% of city transit shelters in commercial areas had a cleanliness issue, “such as litter, broken glasses, or illegal dumping,” and 71% of commercial streets and sidewalks had graffiti.

While the city struggles to keep its streets clean, a reparations committee has proposed giving $5 million dollar payments to each eligible Black resident, which could cost the city over $100 billion dollars, according to the New York Times.

Their priorities are not in line with reality.



  1. Everything a Democrat touches turns to Shit – Literally! Democrats have actually figured out how to devolve the human race.

    This is what a Liberal College Education does to society because most of the People coming out of Colleges and Public Schools are not self sufficient or responsible. For most Students, College is just a 4+ year Holiday camp paid for by Parents and Tax Dollars!

    What I love is how the Elite have created their luxury prisons. They can’t venture outside the walls of their castles and simply walk the neighborhood. Many of the very rich only venture out under the protection of their “armed” security. These people actually think they are free; no they are just rich!

  2. Democrats are the only death cult that can set civilization back about 700 years. The USA didn’t have a problem with sewage in the streets. That sounds more like Middle Ages Europe. Good job, democrats. You deserve all the credit.


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