SCOTUS Rules Against Race Discrimination in College Admissions


“In disavowing race as a factor in achieving educational diversity, the court all but ensured that the student population at the campuses of elite institutions will become whiter and more Asian and less Black and Latino,” the New York Times wrote.

The New York Times is wrong in suggesting this is unfair if I read that sentence correctly. You don’t solve the problem of discrimination with more discrimination. Black and Latino children are just as potentially competent as white and Asian children. It would help them if government schools stopped telling them not to learn European Math, English, and history. Schools must also return to a true merit system with extra help for those who need it.

They suggest Latino and black children are mentally inferior.



  1. This is far too late for me. I have been discriminated against by employers since the day I left college over 40 years ago, to this day. And AA is far from over.

    The first woman supreme court member extended this illegal discrimination until now. She said it would take 25 more years, as if a law has a temporal aspect. She was a beneficiary of discrimination.

  2. Colleges are dumbed down to benefit blacks. I saw it in the 70’s when I was in college. There were ones in there who could barely read. How do you get to college if you can’t read. They got scholarships and grants too.


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