SCOTUS Rules in Favor of Race-Based Congressional Districts


The Supreme Court’s ruling on Thursday will force Alabama and Louisiana to create new black majority seats. These will become Democrat seats. Alabama’s congressional districts are too white. The Voting Rights Act orders racial preferences in elections.

The ruling requires race-based redistricting. The ruling was 5/4, with Chief Justice Roberts and Justice Brett Kavanaugh siding with the court’s leftists.

Black plaintiffs challenged congressional redistricting in Alabama, saying it violated Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act.

Alabama had argued that the lower court emphasized race too much when it had ordered the state to draw a second majority-black district. The court affirmed the lower court’s decision, which had found it substantially likely that the map diluted minority voters’ power under Section 2 of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, Marilyn Hubbard reported for Just the News.

As the Associated Press reported, the ruling upheld a lower-court ruling that found a likely violation of the Section Two of Voting Rights Act in an Alabama congressional map with one majority Black seat out of seven congressional districts. The state has a 27% Black population.

The AP also notes that Louisiana’s congressional map was also ruled discriminatory against black voters by a lower court. This was the subject of a fierce fight between the Louisiana State Legislature and Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards.


Because of this ruling, both Alabama and Louisiana will now have to draw additional black majority districts according to the AP:

The decision was closely watched for its potential effect on control of the closely divided U.S. House of Representatives. Because of the ruling, Republican-led legislatures in Alabama and Louisiana must redraw maps so that they can increase Black representation. About 97% of Black people vote for Democrats.

Republicans only have a 222-213 majority.

This will affect Georgia and South Carolina, and Democrats could gain up to 5 new seats in a House that Republicans are barely hanging onto. As illegal aliens pour into states, we can also expect Democrat power to increase exponentially.

Where we see Democrats, the Supreme Court sees race.

We are headed for a one-party State with authoritarian Democrats as the permanent rulers.



  1. I read a story about this on MSM earlier today. I posted a comment observing that race-based districting was contrary to the constitution (SCOTUS is flat out in the wrong) and insulting to black folk, assuming the liberal perspective that black folk all think the same. They blocked my comment as hate speech. None the less, it is insulting to the people “they” claim to be helping. Such is the nature of all government social programs.


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