Sen. Johnson’s Explosive Interview of a Preplanned Illness


During an interview with Fox News host Maria Bartiromo, Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) told the American people that Covid was “preplanned by an elite group of people.”

Johnson said that “a very powerful group of people” intentionally engineered the pandemic to “take total control of our lives.”

Sen. Ron Johnson

“The Gates Foundation, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, and The World Economic Forum, among others, joined forces for the October 18, 2019 event — which occurred just weeks before the first reported coronavirus case in Wuhan — much earlier than previously understood.”

They hosted a pandemic exercise in New York City.

On that date, the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, World Economic Forum, and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation hosted a think tank called “Event 201.” For 3.5 hours, Event 201’s attendees participated in a tabletop simulation of a hypothetical pandemic of – you guessed it – a deadly, novel coronavirus that had somehow adapted from one that only infected animals into one that also infects humans. The hypothetical virus wipes out 65 million people worldwide.

This simulation aimed to identify solutions to the policy and economic issues that would evolve from a global catastrophe of this magnitude.


“This was all pre-planned by an elite group of people,” Senator Johnson said. “Event 201 – it occurred in late 2019, prior to the rest of us knowing about this pandemic.”

“This is very concerning in terms of what has happened, what is happening, what continues to be planned for our loss of freedom,” he continued. “It needs to be exposed, but unfortunately, there are very few people, even in Congress, that are willing to take a look at this.”

“They all pushed the vaccine,” he added. “They don’t want to be made aware of the fact the vaccines may have caused injuries, may have caused death. So many people simply don’t want to admit they were wrong, and they’re going to do everything they can to make sure they’re not proven wrong. We’re up against a very powerful group of people here, Maria.”

Johnson applauded independent journalists for reporting truths that challenge mainstream media narratives.

“That’s the only way this is going to be solved is we need the truth to be exposed; we need more Americans to listen to the truth, to be exposed to the truth, to pull their heads out of the hands, open their eyes and understand what’s happening to this country,” he said.




  1. Senator Johnson turned out to be a great man.

    Infowars warned of upcoming planned pandemic scares about 15 years ago. They did so by reading documents and identifying associations. It was not predictions, it was conclusions. Infowars was the first to do this. Infowars knew in early 2020 that the 2019 exercise was a dry run to work out the communication aspects of the plot. That is real journalism.

    While Infowars was exposing the crimes, the RINO Channel had communications major Neil Cavuto on TV insisting HCQ and ivermectin would kill you. That is fake journalism.

  2. “Truth be exposed?” . . I tried that before covid, shared event 201 and agenda 2030 and got booted off social media.

    • I recall watching Event 201 in real time. I recorded it for perpetuity. At the time, I thought how bizarre it was to see these taking heads planning our demise. I didn’t believe it would come to fruition. How wrong I was…

      • I watched and eventually figured out the 201 agenda was not gonna benefit the people on the ground! Been studying the Agendas 25/30/35 and on since they became known years back. American Policy Center (dot com)has been the very best at exposing all the evils and explaining each one and its attendant harms.
        Have printed copies of the Agendas and mailed out, emailed, and left around malls and some windshields hoping to educate people.
        We do what we can, where we are, with
        what we have. People are SO freaking asleep or don’t care!!!


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