Setting A Small LGBTQIA2SS++ Flag In a Little Pot on Fire Is a Hate Crime



Before a planned Pride event, a small LGBTQIA2SS+++ flag was burned at Saticoy Elementary School in North Hollywood, Southern California. Pride has no legitimate place in an elementary school.

Supporters say Pride Month to recognize the accomplishments of LGBTQIA2SS++ and the historical discrimination faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities. In reality, it is to acknowledge and laud alternative sexual arrangements. Rumor has it that the next battle will be over throuples. It also represents the false notion that you can change your gender.

The LGBTQIA2SS++ Pride movement now celebrates the false notion that men can be women and women can be men. That is perverse. No science backs that up, although the Party of Science seems to think it does.

NBC News reported the LA police are investigating the small burnt flag in a pot as a hate crime. Burning a Koran is also a hate crime, but burning a US flag that our soldiers died for is not. Burning a Bible is not.

See how that works?

This is ok in America today.

Sometime on May 20th or 21st, a person broke into the school and burned the flag, causing significant damage. The LAPD classified it as a ”vandalism hate crime.”

The flag was in a pot, and both burned.

“There was a small potted plant that was set on fire on the campus and the plant had a small (4 x 6 inch) PRIDE flag inside the potted plant container. Both the plant and the flag were destroyed by the fire,” NBC reported.

If burning the US flag is protected by the 1st amendment, so is burning a Pride flag!

A 1991 study found that fifty-three percent of the mothers of boys with GID, compared with only 6% of controls, met the diagnosis for Borderline Personality Disorder on the Diagnostic Interview for Borderlines or had symptoms of depression on the Beck Depression Inventory.

It seems to have accelerated since then.


A Gallup survey found those identifying as LGBT+++ have doubled over the last decade.

The percentage of U.S. adults who identify as something other than heterosexual has doubled over the last ten years, from 3.5 percent in 2012 to 7.1 percent, according to the Gallup poll. The belief is it will exceed 10% in the future.

More than 1 in 5, or 21 percent, of Generation Z adults identify as LGBTQ, Gallup found. That’s almost double the proportion of millennials, who are 26 to 41, at 10.5 percent, and nearly five times the proportion of Generation X, who are 42 to 57, at 4.2 percent. Less than 3 percent of baby boomers, who are 58 to 76, identify as LGBTQ, compared to just 0.8 percent of traditionalists, who are 77 or older.

That is the result of indoctrination. It can be nothing else.

Calling it a crime to criticize or burn one of their many flags, now more popular among the Left than the US flag, makes it impossible to fight the movement.

The movement is replacing God and morals. It is hedonistic and narcissistic. There have been gay people since history was recorded, and probably longer. This movement is no longer about gay. The new expanded movement is a blight on society. No good can come of it, but we’re not allowed to say that.

How is it good for society?



  1. I served , I don’t like American Flag burners, but I defended your right to.
    I don’t like your flag it has no real purpose and I will burn as i see fit.

  2. The Alphabet Soup Cult is a Hate Crime brain washing children. They need to be stopped by any means necessary. We can’t allow adults to prey on children like this. The Alphabet Soup Cult has been created by 75 years of Communist Brainwashing. It simply did not exist 75 years ago and has no basis is science. Gender Dysphoria is a well established Mental Disorder.

    When it comes to burning the US Flag; any Veteran should have the right to protect the US Flag by any means necessary, including deadly force!


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