Several FBI Offices Hunted Traditional Catholics as Terrorists


A document subpoenaed by the House Judiciary Committee reveals that the FBI Richmond Field Office wasn’t the only office looking at traditional Catholics as domestic terrorists. The Richmond office coordinated with several field offices across the country to produce a memo targeting traditional Catholics as domestic terrorists.

FBI Director Christopher Wray had previously testified that the targeting was limited to “a single field office.”

Director Wray testified on July 12, 2023, before the Committee, stating that the efforts were limited to just one field office.

The document strongly suggests Director Wray lied.

Director Christopher Wray

The newly disclosed document contradicts Wray’s testimony, showing that the FBI Portland and FBI Los Angeles field offices were somehow involved. It’s not clear to what degree.

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH), the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, and Representative Mike Johnson (R-LA), the Chairman of the Subcommittee on the Constitution and Limited Government, issued a letter to Director Wray pointing out these discrepancies and demanding clarification.

Lots of luck getting something out of Director Wray.

The attack on Catholics.

These agents were after traditional Catholics. What was the predicate, other than their bias? They were looking for signs of radicalization.

They sent at least one undercover agent into Catholic chapels in Richmond, Virginia, looking for signs of radicalization.



  1. Lots of luck getting Jordan to act like a leader, follow his oath, fulfill his promises, and protect the USA. Instead, he is campaigning, which involves making noise with no action.

    The corrupt, evil, leftist, globalist Church leadership is happy to have its FBI allies persecute its competition. Traditional Catholicism is a great threat to the Church, because lots of Catholics still have enough principles to recognize what the Church has become. (Illegals, actively assisted by the Church, will of course follow the Catholic hierarchy.) In fair competition, the Church loses lots of people to the new traditional movement. Soon I expect arrests of traditional leaders as threats.


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