Shani Louk, Possibly Slaughtered at a Festival for Peace


Updated: Shani might be alive and in a Gaza hospital.

Shani Louk is the seemingly lifeless, nearly naked woman in the back of a truck driven by Hamas militants, and paraded around in Gaza while her body is treated with disrespect. She is German-Israeli, living in Germany, and was only in Israel to attend a music festival for peace.

She had 38,000 followers on Instagram. She was also a mother.

Her cousin Tom Weintraub confirmed to The Washington Post that it was Shani. She was at a music festival for peace near the border at Kibbutz Urim. At the time of the slaughter, she was at a party of young people.

Her cousin could not bear to look at the picture, but Shani’s parents had. “We recognized her by the tattoos, and she has long dreadlocks.” Her parents still hold out some hope and wait for word, but she appears lifeless in the truck as the savages shout, “Allahu Akbar.”

Palestinians want support, but they voted for Hamas to lead Gaza, and Hamas are savages.

Germany is allowing their “New Germans” to rally in the streets, applauding the slaughter.

Another young man and woman filmed being taken away be Hamas, can be seen below. The woman is confirmed to be a captive, and there is no word on her boyfriend who was taken in a different direction. Some of the attackers appear to be African.



  1. Obama’s bf’s at Code Pink are celebrating the brutal murder of this young mother and others. Biden’s criminal state department tweets that ISREAL should restrain itself. The leftist Germany govt allows terrorists to celebrate the carnage. And of course AOC and the Squad supports the rape and murder. Marxist democrats are a viscous disease.

  2. Democrats in the USA are partly to blame for that.

    Democrats have been shouting from the roof tops for years and but even more since Biden became President that, we whites, are scum, and that all other races should disrespect us.

    That we whites owe trullions of dollars to blacks, to native indians, that we owe to pay the food and clothes and shelter of any illegal etc etc

    The left in every white nation from the USA to Germany, has been saying for years that whites deserve anything bad that happens to us.

    The left has emboldened the rest of the world to either invade us, demand we pay them ” reparations”, or has made them even more convinced they should beat us up, torture us, rape our women, murder us.

    White leftists have been saying for years that we are scum and the rest of the world are right to hate us.

    Before Western Civilization became infected with leftism and white guilt, we defended our borders, we shot robbers, we kept in prison criminals, we were not ashamed of being the most successful people.

    If blacks torture and kill whites in South Africa,

    if Palestinians torture and kill people in Israel,

    if illegals torture and kill Americans,

    if Blacks commit 30 times more murders than whites in New York City,

    if blacks just walk out of stores with a giant flat screen tv in their hands not paying for it,

    it is in great part because leftism has told all those people they are right to hate us, they are right to want to harm us. That we deserve ANYHTING they do to us.

    Leftism as it is today is the biggest threat to Western Civilization.

    Leftists also control information and that way, the masses will not know how bad things are and how evil the left is.

    If we do not stop the left soon, our civilization will be gone in 25 years…at most.

    • I love it when I am right, but I wish I was not right about how white liberals are pure evil.

      After I posted my comment above I went to another site and saw this,

      Code Pink ( a far left group ) ENDORSES HAMAS!!!!!

      They will organize PRO HAMAS rallies in the USA !

      Obama was friends with code pink radicals.

      The left is pure evil, this is not an exaggeration.

    • uhh, another fukin racism coward! mothr fuker, tell me who is to blame here? the israili government is taking advantage of this situation, and puts an end to all the israili protests! now you dont even know what is politict, but just come and blame every single muslim or black or yellow or…, mothr fkrs like you are the real reason of these kindda savegery, you are as shitty as the hamas bastards, and as nasty as the israili government. no one is really worry about this woman, no one even thinks about her son, man that is so unbearable, i hop joe biden dies in wors kindda way for not doing anything not just for her, but to also all those who murdered by the israili shit government or hamas bastards.

  3. It’s time for Christians and the Jewish people around the world to take the fight to these terrorists and do to them what they are doing to us, kill them. They are scum and a blight on this planet, and if they were to be wiped out, the world would be a batter place.

    • fuk you mothr fukin fool, i’m a muslim and i’m desprately, angrily am swearing on the hamath bastards right now, i fukin cant do anything, what the fuk do you mean chris and jews?! people like you are the same as them, bloodthirsty israeli government kills inocent children and women, in return hamas cowards also kill inocent women, who are not even israeli! you people with these racism-relegism bullshit are all the same. god i hop these animals at least not to killed her, fuking bastards, i watched the truck video, asking myself wasn’t there at least a man, a real man to try to stop these demons!?! at least try! then the people come and spit on her! man i’m so sad, i hop they pay for these, same to that netanyaho bitch, i bet he is happy now, because from now on the israili protests will end for sure! i hop all the hamas and israili govermen die of cancer both. 

      • It’s quite the stretch to equate terrorists of Hamas and the Israeli government. Over these many decades Israel has been quite restrained under the circumstances. Just like in the US, the leaders of Hamas and so-called “Palestinians” have fueled the fires for generations. Muslims and Jews could probably get along fine if it weren’t for foreign interference, going back to Britain’s occupation. Many get along even under all the circumstances.

        • watching those monsters face on back of her, they look exactly like that “netanyahoo” shit, fukin savages, they should die no doubt about it, but the point is that people like netanyahoo are also as guilty as these hamas monsters. i hop they get caught, those on the back of the truck especially, i would enjoy watching their head crushed by a tank, freakin savages.

          • Do you really think if Netanyahu was gone that anything would be different. The Arabs just have to accept that Israel isn’t going anywhere. That is what has fueled the hostilities decade after decade.

          • Hamas accomplished one thing that no Israeli politician could do. It used to be just the right that wanted severe action in the past. Even the left, while condemning the Right and Likud, want severe repercussions against Gaza. As one woman put it to Netanyahu, “Destroy Gaza, Erase Gaza”.


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