Sick: Antony Blinken Tries to Blame Trump for the $6B to Iran


Secretary of State Blinken is trying to blame Donald Trump for the actions of the Biden Regime. The administration wants you to believe that the $6 billion Biden gave Iran is due to the actions of Donald Trump.

So, if they reserve the right to refreeze the funds, as Blinken says in this clip, when will they refreeze them?

The account Blinken refers to was established under Section 1245 of the FY2012 NDAA, which mandated its creation, and set its usage parameters. Obama signed that bill into law.

After the US withdrew from the nuclear deal under Trump, the account was used so South Korea could continue to buy Iranian oil.

Trump reimposed the sanctions, and Biden released them so Iran sells about two million bpd of crude oil daily to China. They also have a $10 billion charge card from Biden in June. Iraq holds that money. It amounts to about $50 billion or more in the terrorist country’s pot of gold.

As former Donald Trump aide Marc Caputo explains:
  • Without Trump sanctions, Iran would’ve earned that money in real-time without those humanitarian requirements
  • Trump reimposed sanctions by scuttling Obama’s nuclear deal & the waiver soon expired.
  • The Trump sanctions waivers in eight economies were established to prevent an oil price surge from the loss of Iranian oil.
  • So, this Iranian oil remained free-flowing (but now without humanitarian strings attached) while production ramped up elsewhere.
  • When that new production was ready, the waivers went away. Iranian oil exports were cut back. And this $6 billion here wound up frozen in one of the jurisdictions (South Korea).

The White House spokesperson can’t understand the money is fungible because he knows it looks bad.



  1. That sounds like an MSNBC script he was reading.

    Blinken is out of place in that position, he looks stressed and unsure.

    I can imagine Joe telling him to blame Trump.

  2. Let’s see if I got this right, if I understand correctly what is really going on.
    1) Israel is guilty for being attacked because someone possibly said that they were going to be attacked, but gave no details or hints to follow.
    2) Donald Trump dealt directly with Iran and a) executed their lead terrorist, b) also shot up their defences with a barrage of rockets/missiles, and they pulled their heads in. He was so mean that Biden just had to give them $6 billion, so it is Trumps fault.
    3) In illegally stealing votes to get elected they got careless and people resent it. So the resulting discord is all Trumps fault.
    Do I have it right?

    • I find your comment unnecessarily crude!
      You demean President Trump by associating his name with your rudeness,
      You sound like a name calling Democrat!


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