Signs of Authoritarian Takeover by the Party of Anti-Americanism


The party of anti-Americanism is poised to take control of all instruments of government power, and Americans are kept in the dark.

Whether you like Mark Levin or not, much of what he says here is accurate. However, I wouldn’t limit the criticisms only to Democrats, though they are the prime movers of the movement destroying the United States. They’ve almost won, and Americans don’t realize what we are becoming – thanks to the media.

Levin reviews the playbook of authoritarian government takeovers that the government is currently engaged in:
  • Authoritarian rule dressed up as democracy
  • Rewrite history for political purposes
  • Change election procedures to ensure Democrat advantage
  • Control language and thought processes.
  • Need a state-run media
  • Legalize repression
  • Create intimidation
  • Create enemies of the people
  • Destroy the nuclear family
  • Destroy traditions and customs in civil society

Pathetically and truly, Americans will vote for Republicans because they’re not as bad as Democrats, but we don’t know what they stand for anymore. They run on ideals Americans want and then don’t do it.

And they all get rich as public servants.




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