Social Security Administration Sends Money to Ukraine Now


The Grayzone researched how U.S. tax dollars are used once sent to Ukraine. We have been told that they are spent directly on supplies for the war effort, Grayzone reports.

U.S. taxpayers may be shocked that as their families worry about Social Security becoming insolvent, the Social Security Administration in Washington, D.C., sent $4.48 million to the Kyiv government in 2022 and 2023 alone.

In another bizarre example, USAID paid off $4.5 billion worth of Ukraine’s sovereign debt through payments to the World Bank. This is as Congress was at loggerheads over America’s soaring national debt, as Grayzone states.

To sum up, our Social Security is going to Kiev (Kyiv) for something, and we’re paying off Ukraine’s debt to the World Bank. Not to mention that our borders are wide open while we try to protect Ukraine’s borders.

We should also mention that millions went to private equity funds. At the risk of sounding conspiratorial, is this part of a Biden family business deal? Why are we doing this? Uncle Joe played fast and loose with a billion U.S. tax dollars to get a Ukrainian prosecutor fired. It was helpful to his son and Burisma.

President Zelensky and Biden, Wikimedia Commons.

Does this feel normal to you?

According to Grayzone, Heather Kaiser did the research, and while she couldn’t calculate the entire sum sent to Kyiv, she was able to perform an independent audit of Washington’s proxy war in Ukraine. She used open-source data available on the US government’s official spending tracker.

It’s difficult to find the total amount spent and wasted when the government hides some of the money. Also, there’s a lag in reporting. Moreover, the Pentagon recently admitted to an accounting error that they revised up to $6.2 billion.

Amazingly, Miss Kaiser did get quite a bit of information. There is much more at the Grayzone for you to consider.

Indeed, the Biden family business of potential influence peddling in Ukraine makes this even more suspect.

The Grayzone does investigative reporting. While they are way to the left of me, I think they do good research.

The administration says they are the most transparent ever.



  1. How can this possibly be? Where does the dementia patient Schmo Biden get the authority to give away our social security money without going through Congress? The communists behind him are ruining America in every way they can intentionally. May the good Lord rain hellfire down upon all of them.

  2. Perhaps Biden is stealing billions instead of just millions.
    The biggest game in the swamp is to see who can steal the most ‘government money’ which means stealing from us.

    • Peter, the many $millions they’ve uncovered so far is the proverbial Tip of the Iceberg

      THAT was just a couple of countries the Bidens sold us out to. There’s nearly a dozen more to go.

      By the time this wraps up, am SURE that number will be well into $BILLIONS

  3. “U.S. taxpayers may be shocked […]”

    I don’t remember what it feels like to be shocked, any more.

    “Does this feel normal to you?”

    I don’t remember what normal feels like, any more.

    “Then came 1923. That extraordinary year is probably what has marked today’s [1939’s] Germans with those characteristics that are so strange and imcomprehensible in the eyes of the world, and so different from what used to be thought of as the German character: the uncurbed, cynical imagination, the nihilistic pleasure in the impossible for its own sake, and the enegry that has become an end in itself. In that year an entire generation of Germans had a spiritual organ removed: the organ that gives men steadfastness and balance, but also a certain inertia and stolidity. It may variously appear as conscience, reason, experience, respect for the law, morality, or the fear of God. A whole generation learned then — or thought it learned — to do without such ballst. The preceding years served as a novitiate in nihilism, but in 1923 its high priests were ordained.”

    That was written in 1939 by a young German man who took the pen name Sebastian Haffner. The book is called “Defying Hitler.” This is the opening paragraph of chapter 10. And it is us, now, exactly 100 years later.

    They too, then, utterly forgot who they were. They were chasing headlong into what came next. So are we.

    Lavrov, just a day or two ago, stated (paraphrasing) that the whole West has become insane.


    • After so many shocks are we all becoming numb? That could be dangerous if our will to resist and fight is weakened.

      • For those of us who are older, yes … we are (I think) being gradually driven to a state of numbness. But at least we have memories of an altogether more “normal” existence. However, in another part of that book, the author talks about the young adults in Germany, who, by the time the mid-1920s had rolled around, had lived through nothing BUT national, financial, economic, moral, and political chaos. He himself was born in 1907 in Berlin, and related his own very clear, pre-teens recollections of the whole Great War frenzy. And it only got crazier in Germany from there. And that, he explains, is what set the stage for what was to come … a whole generation that had lived nothing but upheaval. Putty in Hitler’s hands.

        The craziness in this country, and throughout the collective West, has been going on a good twenty-some years. They’ve never known what we all once knew. THAT is what I think is dangerous.

        It is in the next paragraph where the American who is paying attention to all that is going on around us now, gets a “shock,” if you will:

        “No other nation has experienced anything comparabe to the events pf 1923 in Germany [again, remember, he’s writing this in 1939]. All nations went through the Great War, and most of them have also experienced revolutions. social crises, strikes, redistribution of wealth, and currency devaluation. None but Germany has undergone the fantastic, grotesque extreme of all these together; none has experienced the gigantic, carnival dance of death, the unending, bloody Saturnalia, in which not only money but all standards lost their value.”

        From where I’m sitting, we have been, and are continuing to go through “the fantastic, grotesque extreme of all these together.” And then some.

        One last little bit from Sebastian and I’ll shut up: “Nations, it seems, cannot go through such experiences without spiritual damage. I shudder to think that after the next war [and he was very likely seeing the writing on the wall, certainly by 1939] the whole of Europe will probably experience a magnified 1923 — that is, unless very wise men make the peace.”

        We know the rest of the mind-numbing story from there.

        “Never again!” everybody the world over piously shouted. Yeah, right.

        As for any “very wise men [to] make the peace,” now?


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