Sometimes Clowns Aren’t Funny! Sometimes They’re Spreading Identity Politics


FEMA workers have stayed in five-star hotels while involved in the Maui disaster. There are 388 people still missing. Their job is to find them and help the people of Maui. What their job is not – is to hold training sessions on faux white supremacy. Yet that’s what they’re doing.

FEMA is embarrassing itself in Maui, and in training of employees.

There is no evidence that white supremacy is a problem of any magnitude.

Nasty Clown

The Marxist left is mandating three one-hour diversity training sessions for employees. They falsely claim that white supremacy is “ingrained in nearly every system and institution in the United States.”

There is no evidence of that.

They’re teaching DEI, CRT, or whatever you want to call communism. In fact, it is Marxism and its hatred.

The Hard Left’s hatred of differing opinions is so intense that they will do anything to extinguish the alleged threat they represent. The extreme Left will destroy this country to destroy people who disagree with them.


Free Beacon reviewed internal emails that indicate the agency’s  “resilience division” was advised of a requirement to complete one of three hour-long diversity training modules from August one through September 28. They’re looking for so-called equitably adapted communities.

All they do is make us hate one another.

That is such utter Marxist nonsense. DEI, diversity, equity, and inclusion. could destroy the country, but that is what some people want – clearly.

DEI contends the United States is rooted in extreme, extraordinary violence and demands participants acknowledge that systemic racism and oppression exist. It doesn’t matter what your belief system or basic knowledge tells you. You are to do what they tell you and believe what they tell you to believe. They want to control you and they want you to obey. That’s the crux of Marxism, a very jealous, envious, and greedy authoritarian system. It is not kind at all. It makes everyone miserable except the elites.

They are after the children.

Children are in their sights. Mutilating children and sexual perversion are a hallmark of the hard left. The tide of public opinion appears to be moving against gender affirming care but how were you ever got here is even baffling. It advocates mutilating children who haven’t developed sufficiently to make such a decision.


The Times published six letters to the editor, including one from a Wayne State University professor Jackka Savolainen. He thanked Christopher Rufo for exposing the diversity industrial complex – the wolf in sheep’s clothing. As he said, this should not be a partisan issue. Universities should pursue the truth with an environment of open debate and political neutrality. The professor was clearly not a conservative however he believes in science. His system is inconsistent with identity politics of any flavor.

We would call him an actual liberal. He’s not hard left. The hard left has destroyed liberalism. People like him do not have voice either. Identity politics, a tenet of Marxism, is evil. It’s exactly what this country stands against or at least it used to.

Mr. Rufo feels that things are changing. There was a time the Times would not have published his piece and the professor’s response. In the recent past, a professor would not have said what Mr. Savolainen said. We can only hope Mr. Rufo is correct in believing things are changing because DEI will destroy us.




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