Soros Once Told the US & Israel to “Open the Doors” to Hamas


In a 2007 op-ed, leftist billionaire George Soros called on America and Israel to “open the doors” to Hamas. It’s interesting to note that neither he nor his son Alex have commented on the attack on Israel by Hamas. However, days after the attack, Alex retweeted a video comparing Hamas to ISIS that said Hamas would be defeated. George Soros often claims that people who criticize him are anti-Semitic, which is perplexing.

Soros and his son love to open the doors indiscriminately. They have helped open the doors of the United States to everyone in the world. His Open Society Foundations give heavily to organizations – NGOs – financing open doors in every Western country.

Soros is not alone. The UN, terrorist nations like Cuba and Venezuela, and other unsavory characters are also financing open borders in the US.

Soros thought Hamas and Israel could co-exist. Hamas’s charter, their sole mission, is to destroy Israel.


Following Hamas terrorist attacks that killed at least 1,200 people in Israel and left another 2,700 wounded, MRC called on Soros to explain funding the pro-Hamas group Al-Shabaka, which celebrated the terrorist invasion. However, it turns out that Soros has an even longer history of supporting Hamas, MRC writes.

The disturbing pro-Hamas headline from his March 19, 2007 screed posted on his personal website speaks for itself: “America and Israel Must Open the Door to Hamas.

It is pro-Hamas propaganda. He blamed Israel for not negotiating with “the democratically elected government of Hamas” and complained that the US doesn’t do business with the Palestinian government, which includes Hamas.

MRC explained that Soros’s outlandish piece was published amid the bloody 2006-2007 Fatah-Hamas conflict. The ensuing carnage of the Battle of Gaza in June 2007 would result in Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s complete Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip and the dissolution of the unity government.

Soros can’t understand why the US doesn’t recognize Palestine, which won’t agree to let Israel exist in any form.

According to MRC, George Soros has consistently and continuously funded the most hateful, anti-American, and anti-freedom organizations in the world, and that includes terrorist organizations that want to bring an end to a Jewish state,” said MRC Business Vice President Dan Schneider. “But legacy media has protected him from criticism instead of shining a light on his disgusting plans.”



  1. Hamas (Islamic fundamentalists) does not want Jews to exist and, should they ever accomplish that, Christians are next. That is really all you need to know.

  2. The West Bank is now being sealed off in addition to Gaza. Gazan residents are trapped.

    No decent person wants Israel to open up to Hamas. My concern is the corrupt USA has opened itself up to world invasion.


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