Source: Charges Against Trump Are Not Sedition or Insurrection


Rolling Stone has a source who claims to have seen the letter targeting Donald Trump. Allegedly, the charges are conspiracy, obstruction or tampering with a witness, victim, or an informant, and civil rights violations. The last one is ironic given that the DOJ has repeatedly denied Donald Trump his rights since Russiagate on.

The letter doesn’t mention sedition or insurrection.

The DOJ only gave Mr. Trump four days “to report to the Grand Jury, which almost always means an Arrest and Indictment.”

“The source said the statutes listed likely refer to the prosecutor’s interest in charging Trump with obstructing the election certification process, including Trump’s efforts to pressure Mike Pence to stop the certification of President Biden’s 2020 victory.”

Donald Trump faces 71 charges, and the Georgia case is still to be decided. He has classified document charges in Florida and a multiple-count indictment in New York City.

According to the polls, Trump is still the leading contender in the primary. Trump said he got the letter Sunday night – that’s never done. He accused the DOJ of weaponizing the agency and interfering with the election.



  1. Another “poking the bear” move by the left. Each time they have gone after Trump, or anyone not on the Marxist supporter lists, its been to see how far they can go before the “bear”, the silent majority, reacts with overt hostility and violence. The “bear” is not stupid, and very patient. Just sayin’.

    • the intention is to poke the Bear until it cannot endure the abuse any longer and defends itself. Then comes martial law and totalitarianism. The marxist/democrats must make that happen before the next election or they will be crushed.

  2. The MSM, as far as journalistic integrity is concerned, are like “tits on a bull”…judicial integrity is non existent in certain quarters…

  3. Leak
    OOPS! that back-fired
    OOPS! that back-fired
    OOPS! that back-fired
    OOPS! that back-fired ad infinitum

    The Chinese must be behind this. It is death by a 1,000 cuts 🙂


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