South African Parliament Member Calls for White Genocide


Julius Malema, a South African parliament member, led tens of thousands of supporters in chanting, “Kill the Boer (whites), Kill the White Farmer” at their rally. It will happen here with the anti-white hatred spread through the Marxist 1619 Project, CRT, and DEI. Marxism is spreading throughout our institutions. It is an ideology of division and greed.

Malema Needs to Be Ousted

The DA and Freedom Front Plus are taking action against Julius Malema after the EFF leader, along with his supporters.

DA leader John Steenhuisen said the EFF leader, Julius Malema, was inciting violence at the party’s 10th-anniversary rally at FNB Stadium in Johannesburg.

The DA intends to lay charges against Malema with the United Nations Human Rights Council and Parliament’s ethics committee.

“We are filing charges against both Julius Malema and the ANC government at the United Nations Human Rights Council. The first element of the United Nations case will focus on Malema’s incitement of ethnic violence.

“The second element will focus on charging the ANC national government over its years of failure to take action against its one-time protégé, even as brutal farm murders continue to escalate in the wake of Malema’s demagoguery,” he said.

Malema has been doing this for years. In 2018, he said, “[W]e are going to remove a mayor of PE… [we] are going for your white man in PE. We are going to cut the throat.”
This man in the X (tweet) below had his throat cut immediately after Malema called for killing the Boer.



  1. Time to nuke South Africa. The experiment didn’t work. Never let the africanus primitatus  take power. They will destroy everything that has been created.

  2. So, this is going to the UN Human Rights Council for condemnation? Anybody looked out over the poc faces of the UN?
    How many white faces stand out? Oh yeah, we gonna slap brother Malema!

  3. I don’t understand why White people are the boogeyman when globally we are a minority. For all the folks out there who claim they hate White people there are plenty of places in the world these folks could go and frankly should go where the populations are decided nonwhite. It would be better for all involved if they did.

    • My theory and many others as well. They see the whites having these farms and think there’s something magical thats part of that particular piece of land making it fertile. All the white farmer has to do is throw out some seeds and buy a few animals and Wala it all grows and makes him money with no effort whatsoever. On the other hand the property they have is cursed by the white man, poisoned so it will never produce a crop or grow healthy animals that reproduce and multiply so they will never have any wealth. They then take over the white farmers land expecting the magic to happen for them but when it fails they say it was cursed and poisoned by the other white farmer down the road so he can reap all the riches so they take his property. What they can’t see is all the years of struggle and work that went into these farms to make them productive. They think it should happen with no effort and if it doesn’t then there’s a curse and poisoning of the land to prevent the magic. The only way they can stop the curse is by wiping out all the whites who possess this magic and make it their own.

  4. Ii do not recall ever reading about this kind of rally by German Nazis or US slavery advocates. If there were we would be reading about it often.

    The NWO loves this, the murders and agriculture collapse is great for depopulation.

    • It’s not allowed on the internet. There were certainly plenty of democrats in the south who were part of the KKK organizing large rallys and calling for exterminating black people. The white hoods torches and burning crosses aren’t just fiction produced by Hollywood for O Brother Where Art Thou, it’s part of the democrats history they want to erase.

    • It’s been happening in South Africa for at least 20yrs. There are plenty of YouTube videos from the Boers, or Trekkers as they prefer to be called, from when it started.

    • whites are hugely outnumbered there. if you’ve never been you dont know. Cape Town is not representative of the country.

      • We are becoming hugely outnumbered here. Chicago is representative of most big cities here. Malema representative of most big city black mayors here. He’s probably more open about his hate and intent.


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