Speaker Johnson’s Successful Push to Make Dems Vote on Lose-Lose Issues- Part II


by James S. Soviero

Last week, we reported that GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson got 12 Democrats to vote with Republicans on a spending bill sending Israel $14.3 billion to fight Hamas terrorists.

That it included taking some money from the IRS drove Dem congressman Moskowitz to say, “….the [National Republican Congressional Committee] put out a tweet… within moments of the bill being dropped, that said ‘Democrats are gonna have to choose between the IRS and Israel,’”.  He continued, “That’s the trap that the NRCC is doing.”  His 11 colleagues must have felt the same way and voted “Yea.”.

Also last week, under Johnson’s leadership, a resolution condemning support for Hamas, Hezbollah, and “other terrorist organizations” at U.S. colleges was drafted by Rep. Burgess Owens, R-Utah, and brought to the floor for a vote.  It attested such demonstrations created a hostile environment for Jewish students, recognized the Oct. 7 Hamas attack, and laid out how Hamas’ long-stated goal is the “entire destruction” of the Jewish State.

In an effort to avoid backlash from many in their radical, anti-Semitic base, almost two dozen Dem members of the House voted “No.”.  Unsurprisingly leading the pack were rhetorical bomb-throwers Pramila Jayapal, AOC, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib, Maxine Waters, fire-alarm-puller Jamaal Bowman, and Ritchie Torres.

The latter mentioned Torres had to his “come to Moskowitz moment” after the vote, saying it was a mistake and “As a visible and vocal advocate against antisemitism on college campuses, especially in the wake of October 7, I have submitted a correction for the record.” Sure Rich.

The others offered some kind of pathetic “explanations,” although none changed their vote.  It’s fun to watch these arrogant big talkers trapped into going on the public record and voting on matters that make them uncomfortable and defensive.

So you’re OK with keeping all those billions headed to the IRS while Israel is fighting sadistic terrorists who, on Oct. 7, murdered over 30 Americans?  And you’re not even willing to sign a resolution that condemns support for Hamas, Hezbollah, and like-minded outfits who are making life increasingly dangerous for Jewish students on U.S. college campuses? 

Speaker Johnson has gotten off to a good start by exposing not only the most radical elements of the Democrat party but virtually their entire caucus for their extremist positions.

He’s done it by forcing votes on issues that are, for them, mostly lose-lose.



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