Speaker McCarthy’s Exit Speech


Speaker Kevin McCarthy said he will not run for Speaker again. His speech was interesting, and he took a lot of questions at the end.



  1. Today’s Democrat Party is now closer to a anti-American, racist, Marxist/Socialist cult than a political organization. Eight Republicans found common cause with them, as both bocs voted in lock step, to remove the GOP leader. Not quite sure how this can possibly move true conservatism forward, but hoping for the best. Losing almost 10 days before voting for a new speaker, not a good start. Let’s see what happens.

    • That is complete nonsense. Your attempt to align conservatives with the far left has failed. McCarthy is the colluder with the dems. He concedes far left spending to them, lets them keep offices they do not belong in, and launches fake ethics charges against conservatives.

      McCarthy’s team is a bunch of corrupt RINOs. McCarthy spent the last 9 months breaking every major promise he made to be speaker. That’s what you call teamwork.

      You want to “move conservatism forward” with a leftist speaker, a Paul Ryan sidekick.

      Not go tune in to that airhead Brian Kilmeade and get more nonsense to recite here.

      • Your ranting can’t disprove one irifutable fact. Gaetz and 7 other Republicans booted McCarthy by aligning with the most dangerously far left group of Democrats to hold power in our lifetime. Apparently my giving it a wait and see approach wasn’t good enough. If you could share specifically how that alliance moves conservatism forward, I’ll feel a lot better about going back to listening to Brian. By the by, never said who I did or didn’t want for speaker. When Matt was, asked wonder if you agreed with any of the names he’d mentioned. If so who’d you like?

  2. It is OK for McCarthy to reflect on his past as he loses a big job, but other than that, his speech was complete nonsense, which also exposed his beliefs. He was filled with inconsistencies and lies.

    A person cannot pretend to be saving America while doing the opposite. There would be no shutdown. We really will shutdown someday with the incredible debt which he has consistently fed for many years. One does not save America while allowing massive corruption.

    But foremost, he failed to fulfill the promises he pledged to when given the job. He did not address the valid complaints on his work. He played victim instead.

    Since there were 8 or more republicans voting against him, there were really lots more that were afraid to, who are now pleased. McCarthy was a major obstacle to them winning their seats next year, they have to know that.

    Now look for Scalise to try to emerge as speaker. He is worse than McCarthy, he wanted Trump jailed due to J6, and his spending policies are worse. Scalise was a more enthusiastic supporter of Ryan and the leftist spending bills. Members complained that Scalise would misrepresent bill content to them. A speaker Scalise will not allow a penny for a wall. Watch for the show folks, Scalise figures it is his turn. Faux News and others will play him as a hero who was shot by a leftist. They will run false reports of the conservatism of Scalise. Scalise is another Ryan sidekick.

    • It will be hard-pressed to get anyone worth a damn. The money machine in Congress has a determining factor who wins. I forget who, but one freshman Congressman years ago exposed how the House works and how you are required to spend a great deal of time on phone banks. I suspect that is partly what Gaetz was referring to with lobbyists. If you don’t follow along you get the Marjorie Greene treatment. Notice now she’s on Committee and doesn’t rock the boat.

      • I am OK with letting this fake “chaos” with an unelected speaker proceed for a long time. It cannot be worse than what we had.

  3. Good man, good heart, but not strong enough to discern or stand up against the evil that is slowly shutting out the light of truth in the USA.

  4. I’m really sick and tired of politicians invoking Reagan’s name. What is it with politicians always going on and on about their “humble” beginnings.

    He certainly didn’t want to accept responsibility for anything during his tenure. What needs to end is the House passing bills they know full well they haven’t a chance of becoming law. If appropriations were timely done it would solve many of those issues.

    One of the most sickening was him basically saying I’m Conservative and they are not. I’d call him a CINO.

    Oh give me a damn break. He’s comparing Putin to Hitler. “Invaded Georgia, took part of the Donbass, took Crimea”. But he says nothing about NATO after years of warnings. If a person analyzes McCarthy’s rhetoric the inevitable outcome IS another world war.

    He flat out lies about Putin invading Ukraine in 2014. The people of Donbass begged Putin to come and help. He must have been following behind Victoria Nuland. Maybe McCarthy should have listened to how Poroshenko would be treating the ethnic Russians in Donbass.

    • McCarthy like Ryan and Mitch invoke the word conservative as a front. Reagan would ridicule them, their policies are far from conservative.

      McCarthy is a person with poor values. The values of corrupt DC are his values.


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