Starbucks Can De-Escalate Tensions with China in Clown World


Gina Raimondo said that Starbucks will help de-escalate tensions with China.

So, look to Starbucks to save us from World War III with China. Of course, if they get really angry they could just kick Starbucks out and duplicate the franchise like Russia did with McDonald’s. Russia calls their rebranded McDonald’s restaurants, Tasty and That’s It. Looks the same as it did before but everything has a different name.

It’s just wonderful having a commerce secretary who thinks Starbucks can save us. It makes sense in the land of the Woke.

I wonder if Dennis Rodman is available to help Gina out.

Always wrong Cramer gushes and loses it in Gina’s presense.

When she visited China, she said they were gracious and want to embrace US business. I think they meant take it over and over take it, Gina.

Her visit didn’t help tensions.



  1. She is a great example of a woke east coast harvard catholic globalist leftist. Her beliefs are a set of fallacies. This is an entirely deceptive person who is a cheerleader of NWO policies. I wonder what her financial records would reveal.

    The Chinese see this lady’s background and know she is a lightweight that deserves no respect and deserves no concessions.


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