State of Emergency! DC Homicide Record Nukes Record


The Washington D.C. homicide toll has gone over 200 for the third year in a row and the first time before October. Local leaders are angry. Religious leaders say they will talk to young people not getting what they need at home. That’s great, but they make money selling drugs – tough competition.

A majority of homicides in the city, as has been the case in years prior, were attacks involving Black Americans living in the city’s most impoverished neighborhoods, Fox reports.

This is in our nation’s capital.

Progressive policies, especially soft-on-crime tactics, do not work.

Every ward had problems this year; many teens are dying, and many are innocent youths caught in the crossfire. Many crimes go unsolved, reports The Washington Post. Only 44% of the cases are solved. That only encourages more.


“We’re in a state of emergency,” Democratic D.C. Council member Trayon White Sr. told The Washington Post.

“Just like we take the Covid-19 pandemic seriously, we’ve got to take this pandemic of violence in D.C. seriously,” White said. “Until we get there, more blood will be spilled on the streets.”

WaPo noted that the police force has shrunk and has the smallest roster in half a century.

This summer, the D.C. Council passed emergency legislation making it easier for judges to impose pretrial detention for some adults and some juveniles charged with violent offenses, the Post reports.

It’s hardly enough. Most of the crimes are by juveniles.

Matthew Graves, who prosecutes federal and DC crimes last year, had opted not to prosecute 67 percent of people arrested in cases that would have been handled in D.C. Superior Court — up from 35 percent in 2015, WaPo reports based on the data.

Yet, Graves persecutes all J6 “offenders” of three years ago, almost all with no police record.



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