Steny Hoyer Also Ordered Out of His Hideaway Office in the Capitol


Interim speaker Patrick McHenry took office last night, and, after initiating the process for the election of a permanent Speaker, he ordered Nancy Pelosi to vacate the Speaker’s office. He didn’t stop there.

He ordered former House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer to vacate his Capitol hideaway office on Wednesday. It’s a good move and will keep him out of trouble.

My only question is why Nancy Pelosi is still in the Speaker’s office and why is Steny still in the hideaway office.

Yesterday, eight Republicans vacated Kevin McCarthy’s position as Speaker: Andy Biggs, Ken Buck, Tim Burchette, Eli Crane, Matt Goetz, Bob Good, Nancy Mace, and Matt Rosendale.

Steny Hoyer, Wikimedia Commons

Representative McHenry took off running.

Rep. Pelosi put out a sarcastic statement. She also noted that she is in mourning and in California for the funeral of the late Sen. Dianne Feinstein. We’re sorry to hear that she is in mourning and that Sen. Feinstein died, but why is Nancy still in that office? She needs to get out.

It’s WAR!



  1. For McCarthy to let these leftist dems maintain offices they do not belong in shows again that he is weak and a dem colluder.

    It is entirely consistent with his support of far leftist spending and resistance to releasing the J6 tapes.

    It is entirely consistent with him not launching ethics charges against dems yet using a quick trigger to go after conservatives.

    Come on folks, we are not stupid.

    • Sometimes things are not what they seem. The people in congress have to work with each other and there are many traditions and courtesies to be considered. There are so many things that can create and escalate hate, going against tradition and past courtesies could actually be a stupid move. Just because you and I despise Pelosi, doesn’t mean a “speaker’ is in a position to act on our feelings.

      • There is no courtesy, you are making that up.

        The dems ran a committee last year, violated several rules, determined the members, for example.

        Pelosi has allowed several riots on the hill when she was speaker, she deserves no courtesy, she is not even living in DC anymore.

    • It’s one big club and we aren’t in it. To paraphrase George Carlin. He tried warning us in his own comedic technique. Many of his great acts can still be found on the internet.

      • One Big Club . . the DC club”They spend billions of dollars every year lobbying, lobbying, to get what they want. Well, we know what they want. They want more for themselves and less for everybody else.” – George Carlin


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