Stranger Things with Joe & Jill & a New National Anthem


Joe, Jill, and Hunter Biden were busy this past week hosting Grammy winners while bumbling along. In a separate situation, we have a much-feted R&B singer giving her anti-whitey version of the national anthem.

The leader of the free world, who brought us to the brink of nuclear war, is seen wandering around on stage in the first clip. Aging Joe Biden was confused, looking for musician NE-YO. We all must pretend this is perfectly normal and just another fun moment with Joe.

Cocaine was found in the White House library on Sunday. Based on White House sources, the media suggested a workman left it, and now they say it was probably a visitor. The media told Americans it was a nasal spray, then an anesthetic, and they couldn’t be sure it was cocaine hydrochloride, although the fire crew knew immediately what it was.

They initially indicated it was a significant amount, but now they say it’s a dime bag.

The media says it can’t be Hunter’s because the family left before it was found. Huh? How’s that?

What’s Hunter sniffing in this clip?

But as long as we know that the bag of cocaine in the White House library couldn’t possibly be Hunter’s. We have no evidence it is Hunter’s, but the investigators should check for fingerprints to see who it belongs to.

Hunter Biden screenshot posted by Hunter himself on his laptop.

The First Family hosted Ne-Yo and Brothers Osborne on July 4th as they sang nothing patriotic whatsoever. The purpose of having them was to unite us as Americans.


Jill Scott, one of the many perennial victims, has a new anti-white version of the national anthem for your listening pleasure. According to the new lyrics, white people oppress black people. She’s not even singing it well. This oppressed woman is worth about $12 million.

“Oh, say can you see, by the blood in the streets. This place doesn’t smile on you, colored child whose blood built this land with sweat and their hands. But we’ll die in this place and your memory erased. Oh, say, does this truth hold any weight. This is not the land of the free but the home of the slaves.”

I’d like to know what country is better for black people.

Scott sang this at the Essence Festival, and it was a huge hit. To me, she’s a grifter and a racist.



  1. Jill, the slave, looks as if she’s suffering from indigestion. She should be living in Afghanistan, where women are ‘free’!

  2. Distorted national anthems have been going on a long time. It is part of tearing it all down. I am always disgusted by it. The anthem is not something which should be Africanized or stretched into something incoherent and absurd. And it is in very bad taste, but good taste is gone in America.

  3. Jill Scott may be more correct than she knows however, is looking in “all the wrong places,” for America’s slave masters.

    Democrats have ALWAYS BEEN the slave masters AND STILL ARE.

    DNC controlled cities, ground Zero for their New Plantations. Their schools are an utter fail, some with not a single student able to pass a proficiency test in math, reading, in ANYTHING. Yet, Dems fight like all hell to deny them school choice, attack Charter Schools. KEEP them uneducated and addicted to CRUMBS of govt handouts.

    As for the “first family,” recently received the (ENORMOUS) book, “Report on the Biden Laptop,” purchased through Marco Polo, a 501C3 focused on govt corruption.
    THE BIDEN FAMILY IS DISGUSTING… I’ve “been around,” involved in the War against the Left for 34 YEARS. That and many years as an RN, there’s not much that shocks me. That said, going through this huge, “Biden Dossier,” LITERALLY made me sick to my stomach.

    If you want a real up close and personal about this utter abomination of a family, look up Marco Polo, best $50 i’ve spent in a long time. By the sheer size of it, doubt they are many much money, if any, on this book.

    Meanwhile, MSM and the Swamp has turned over every rock looking for something, ANYTHING against the Trump family. They found NOTHING and therefore, the need to “COMPOSE.”

  4. The oppressed blacks: all blacks are repressed because of racial hatred!

    Tell a big enough lie often enough and many fools will believe it.
    If I suffer a set back, it is my fault; if a black person suffers a set back, it is my fault?

    When people deny individual responsibility, the outcome will always be bad.

    PS: I am very proud of all my friends who have made something of their lives, and that includes my black friends.

    It is time to stop the victim mentality thinking.

    • Blacks who come here from Africa develop a much different attitude than many American blacks. They come here with some concern about the USA, then they see too many people playing victim while not trying to better themselves.


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