Stunning Interview of Jayden X’s Brother Tying Jayden & Ray Epps


The National File posted an exclusive from Jayden X’s [John Sullivan] brother. He claims that Jayden X helped plan the January 6th chaos on Antifa Discord Service. He also said that Jayden X worked with the FBI to target his enemies and that he was a member of rioting Antifa groups. The brother also ties him to the infamous Ray Epps, who feigns innocence despite video evidence.

If you go to National File, they have a video posted of the interview with all the details. It does make sense and could well be possible. Jayden X was seen on video ushering everyone into the capital with a CNN reporter. This had been arranged before January 6th. When they succeeded in getting a mob to rush through, they rejoiced and said we did it.


As for Ray Epps, there is clearly a lot we don’t know. He is the only January 6th troublemaker that the J6 panel, the media, and the FBI like. Epps was an instigator who repeatedly told people to go into the capitol building. He texted his nephew that he orchestrated the attack on the Capitol.

It is important to know if this is true because these tyrannical Democrats are trying to seize permanent power in DC and nationally.

Jayden X helped plan the January 6 “insurrection” on “Antifa Discord servers,” according to his brother, James Sullivan.

Jayden X met up with the controversial figure and suspected agent provocateur Ray Epps before the action at the Capitol, according to Jayden X’s brother.

Leftists plotted in private messages to distribute Trump hats to fellow leftists to falsely smear Trump supporters as being violent.

Ray Epps ‘Showed [Sullivan] the ropes’ on how to entrap Trump-backing patriots.

James Sullivan claims that his brother John Sullivan pushed Ashli Babbitt through the window, setting the stage for her demise at the hands of Officer Byrd.

Sullivan in proximity to Ashli Babbitt

While Sullivan was next to Ashli Babbitt as she stood by the door, we don’t know if he was present when she went through. We don’t know if she was pushed, but she got up on her own. It doesn’t look like she was pushed, but we need those videos released.


The Creative Artists Agency, a well-known Deep State cut-out, was involved with both Sullivan brothers by way of ‘photojournalist’ Jade Sacker.

Jayden X is seen on camera passing out long metal rods to different protestors, encouraging them to go and break into the Capitol building.

Neither John Sullivan, Jade Sacker, nor Ray Epps were ever charged for their presence in the Capitol that day. It is fact that CNN and NBC paid for Jayden’s footage.

We need the J6 videos released. There are a lot of unanswered questions.






  1. … and the conspiracy evidence mounts.
    The first thing I said when I saw those clowns climbing, those guys are Antifa, I have seen them rioting before.
    Thanks for letting me know I was correct.

  2. Ray Epps is on video doing what they are accusing Trump of doing.

    Trump did not incite people to commit violence, Ray Epps did, yet democrats want Trump punished.

    Democrats should be angry at Epps, should want him to be severly punished, but instead they defend and protect him, and even say ” Leave poor Ray Epps alone ! ” as Raskin said.

    if anyone should be facing 40 or 90 counts it is Ray Epps as there is plenty of video evidence that is inciting people to commit acts of violence.

    But nope !

    Democrats are defending Ray Epps while trying to trhow Trump in prison.

    Democrats are evil incarnate.

    Evil incarnate.


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