Summit of Global Financing Could Create a “Finance Shock”


The Summit of Global Financing Pact met in Paris at the end of June to discuss planning the “overhaul” of the “global financial system” for climate solidarity. The goal is to “save the planet” from “climate change.”

Global Financing Pact

Thirteen political leaders wrote in Le Monde that they are “urgently working to fight poverty and inequalities.” The leaders included Macron, US President Joe Biden, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, and Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. It sounds like they are planning a Maoist-style world order.

Brandon Smith at writing for Zero Hedge said that what he sees is “a convergence of narratives – Central banks and international banks are now suddenly more concerned with carbon taxation and global warming than they seem to be concerned with stagflation and economic collapse. Likely because this was the goal all along and economic collapse is part of the plan.”

Alarmingly, that seems all too possible.

“Globalists are now combining the climate change issue with international finance and monetary authority.

“In other words, they aren’t hiding the fact that the climate change agenda is part of the “Great Reset” agenda anymore. They are even suggesting that the threat of climate change be used as a springboard for giving global banks more power to dictate the circulation of wealth and for deconstucting the existing system so it can be replaced with something else.”

French President Emmanuel Macron told delegates at the Paris summit that “the world needs a public finance shock” to fight global warming while also creating “equity” for less wealthy nations. He also argued that the current system was not well suited to address the world’s challenges.”

After the way they handled the pandemic, why doubt this is one of the potential goals? At the Summit, they made it clear they want massive wealth distribution. These people are hardcore leftists with money and power.

The Uniting of the Globalists

As Mr. Smith, the Sentinel also noted how the global entities are all uniting behind common cause. The IMF, WEF, World Bank, the WHO, ESG corporations, including the media, and so on are becoming a single force. Climate change works even better than the pandemic into terrifying people into obeisance.

They’re pushing for a one world currency as they rob nations of sovereignty and political power through massive illegal immigration. The WHO is grabbing enormous power with the Pandemic Treaty.

“In reality, there is ZERO evidence that global weather events are any worse today than they were over a hundred years ago before carbon producing industries were widespread. There is no proven connection between carbon emissions and any specific weather phenomenon. The claim is a fraud. There is no man-made climate crisis, as I have outlined and evidenced in previous articles,” Smith continued.

Consider what the globalists are doing to farms right now. Think about what is going on with ESG abd CRT. It’s not normal. The shutdowns during the pandemic were not normal.

There is little that stands in their way. Would they create a finance shock?

The Visigoths are at the gate.



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