Sweden Scraps Climate Targets


Sweden’s parliament on Tuesday adopted a new energy target. The right-wingers in the government has the green light to push forward with plans to build new nuclear plants. Forty years ago, Sweden phased out atomic power.

Changing the target to “100% fossil-free” electricity from “100% renewable” is critical to the government’s plan to meet an expected doubling of electricity demand to around 300 TwH by 2040 and reach net zero emissions by 2045.

“This creates the conditions for nuclear power,” Finance Minister Elisabeth Svantesson said in parliament, Reuters reports.

“We need more electricity production. We need clean electricity and we need a stable energy system,” Finance Minister Elisabeth Svantesson said in parliament.

Around 98% of electricity in Sweden is already generated from water, nuclear, and wind.

Nuclear plant chimneys

Focusing on nuclear power is part of a wider shift in environmental policy in a country that has led as the green energy pioneer.


The coalition plans to cut the bio-fuel mix in petrol and diesel, leading to more significant CO2 emissions, which could mean Sweden misses 2030 emissions goals.

Proposals by Sweden to allow countries to prolong subsidies for standby coal power plants have also been met.

The EU is worried. We can only imagine what Greta Thunberg is saying.

At this point in time, people should realize that any zero policy is nuts and net-zero energy is unreachable.

With nuclear, the cleanest energy of all, you can get close to an ideal balance. However, the world will always need some oil, gas, and coal, especially for national security and for those windmills and solar panels the world now loves.

The Swedish parliament officially abandoned its 100% renewable energy target to meet net zero by 2045 this week. Instead, the country is now looking to build more nuclear reactors.


By 2045, anything could happen. Perhaps they will realize net zero, conjured up in Potsdam, is unnecessary.

“We need more electricity production. We need clean electricity and we need a stable energy system,” Finance Minister Elisabeth Svantesson said in parliament.

Critics of Net Zero said the decision implicitly acknowledges the low quality of unstable wind and solar. It shows a general collapse of confidence in the renewable energy agenda pioneered in the Nordic countries.

British lobby group Net Zero Watch (NZW), which describes the net zero roadmaps of Western nations as “utopian and unsustainable,” welcomed the move. Recently, they creamed the Bank of England for spending £150,000 to measure the carbon footprint of plastic banknotes.

“Living close to Russia focuses the mind, and the Swedish people not only wish to join NATO but also to ground their economy in an energy source, nuclear, that is physically sound and secure, unlike renewables which are neither,” said Dr. John Constable, NZW’s energy director, reports Canadian independent news, Western Standard.

“For the time being, the UK government continues to live in a fantasy of their own making, but we are coming to the end of the green dream.”

“A small population in a large country such as Sweden can afford to reject fossil fuels, relying on nuclear and hydro and biomass, but the United Kingdom and other substantial industrialized economies need to face the facts and understand that only a gas to the nuclear pathway is viable to remain industrialized and competitive,” NZW said.



  1. I doubt Sweden has a “right wing” government. That is MSM rhetoric. Sweden has had left wing governments a long time, the type which allow invasion and stagnation. It now has a moderate government which is against national suicide.

  2. Green is BS and only for money! Windmills never make enough power generation to pay for what it costs to build, install, and maintain. No wind no energy. Texas had the bearings freeze up so the blades wouldn’t turn, it to aviation fuel to defrosed them.

  3. “Carbon Zero” is stupid and a false idea. We are carbon beings, everything we use and need is carbon based, It is not just oil and gas.

  4. Now fix your immigration problem as outsiders from Africa and other places are raping your white women and committing many crimes and just don’t fit into your society. I saw an article stating that Sweden was the rape capitol of the world. What is wrong with these people.


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