Target Supports Indigenous Group Trying to Shut Down Mt. Rushmore


Target Foundation donates to an indigenous group that wants to return public land to the Indians and shut down Mt. Rushmore. They want to defeat so-called “white supremacy.”

I’m surprised Joe Biden didn’t do it yet.

Mount Rushmore with state flags

Fox News analyzed Target’s nonprofit organization, the Target Foundation, and found that the company donated money to NDN Collective. It self-describes as “an Indigenous-led organization dedicated to building Indigenous power.”

Among their many extreme far-left causes, they have a “LANDBACK” campaign to “dismantle white supremacy.” They call for America to release its public land to Indigenous people. NDN Collective also describes itself as “antimilitarist” and calls for the “demilitarization” and “decolonization” of the U.S. military.

“Mount Rushmore is an international symbol of white supremacy, and as people across America rightfully pull down statues of white supremacy, we have to look long and hard at how this national monument in the Black Hills upholds and maintains white supremacy on Indigenous lands,” NDN Collective President and CEO Nick Tilsen said in a press release.

“Our LANDBACK efforts started at Mount Rushmore as we not only took a stand against white supremacy and [former President Donald] Trump’s racist rhetoric that day but also in demanding that Mount Rushmore be shut down as a national monument and that all public lands in the Black Hills be returned to Indigenous people.”

Woke Target Is Everything That’s Wrong with the US

This group is calling for the overthrow of the government. Target probably gets a lot of ESG points for supporting them.

Personally, I haven’t shopped in Target since they put men in the lady’s room, but they’re so much worse than I knew.

Target supports child grooming also. They’ve lost $12 billion in one week since people discovered what they’re up to.



  1. Systemic Stupidity has been ingrained in the media ‘following’ population…and has totally consumed the ‘left’…


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